Thursday, July 14, 2011

For Pixiefication

In case you're wondering what Pixiefication is, it's a name I gave to the process whereby I'll do a make over for you with my style :)
This was my very first attempt previously:

This time, I'll be looking for:

1. Volunteers for Pixiefication
No requirements, no age limit as long as you're alright with letting a non-professional (me, hahah) do make up on your face
All you have to do to apply is to email me with a photo of you without make up and a photo of you with make up (if you have any)
I will then contact you via email if you're chosen to discuss the details :)
You might be given free apparel/ contact lens/ make up (subject to availability) used for Pixiefication if you're successful! ^^
Please note that it'll be at Kovan so do not apply if you're not comfortable with the location.

2. Sponsors for Pixiefication
- Make Up product sponsors
- Contact Lens sponsors (who can provide the lens within 1 week)
- Apparels of different styles (princessy, vintage, bohemian etc) sponsors
No additional cash payment required. You just need to provide the item(s) and I will credit you accordingly.
If keen, do mail to with your blog URL and the item(s) you're able to sponsor

The new Pixiefication videos will be better (definitely) with clearer views of the steps taken, more talking and elaboration etc! ^^
I hope to receive responses soon cause I'm more free nowadays heheh~~~


Anonymous said...

Hihi just wondering if the application is still on? or have you chosen your volunteers? ^^

kitty said...

Still choosing!! :) Will keep on choosing until the day I stop Pixiefication hehe <3