Friday, July 8, 2011

Frozen Fire

HEHEHE I was tweeting about a new tutorial I was doing today and I'm very sorry that it's not a hair or beauty tutorial :(
Instead, it's a super easy "tutorial" on how to make FRIED ICE CREAM!

You get a whole lot closer to heaven when you sink your teeth into the sweet cold ice cream, surrounded by the warm embrace of the deep fried batter.

My mum and I tried this method a few years ago when we first had it at some chinese restaurant at some dessert. And then I couldn't stop thinking about it so we decided to make our own ^^

So today I'm gonna show you how easily you can make Fried Ice Cream within an hour!

Step 1: Prepare a rolling pin and a few slices of your regular bread

Step 2: Flatten the bread individually using the rolling pin

Step 3: Get a tub of your favourite flavour of ice cream and a table spoon

Step 4: Roll the ice cream into a (somewhat....) ball shape

Step 5: Place the ball of ice cream in the center of a slice of flattened bread

Step 6: Place another slice of flattened bread over the ice cream

Step 7: Using a plastic cup of desired diameter, press down really hard on the ice cream & bread to act as a cutter

Step 8: Remove the circular bread thingy from the cup

STEP 9: FREEZE THE CIRCULAR BREAD THINGY IN THE FREEZER FOR HALF AN HOUR OR ONE HOUR. This is because during the process the ice cream might have melted a little so you want it to refreeze into solid before you continue.

Step 10: Heat up a sufficient amount of oil in a pan for deep frying

Step 11: Take the round bread thingy from the freezer and immediately fry it for about 10 seconds? Till... like they all say, it's golden brown :p

Okay ours is apparently not golden brown or super pretty like the restaurant's.. but it tastes SUPER YUMMY!!!
hot on the outside and super cold on the insideeeeeee!!!!!! XD


Here's a clearer picture of how a professionally done deep fried ice cream looks like!!!!! :)

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It's damn easy to make!
So if you're bored at home,
get whatever ice cream you can get, paddle pop, potong ice cream etc and FRY IT like how i've said above!!! :)


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