Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hi sweethearts :)
I have 2 pieces of news to share with you girls today!!!!

First of all, suuuuper many thanks to you girls, my blog post for the Yummilicious Feast at Icon Village ( organized by won!!!! :D :D :D
*dances around throwing confetti*
the prize is $500 worth of FOOD vouchers (please still love me when I grow very fat) at Icon Village!!

So baby and I went to Singapore Press Holdings today to collect my prize!! :)
i've never struck toto or anything before and this feels daaaaaamn close to what striking lottery would feel like!!!!!!
it was totally unexpected cause there were definitely a lot more professional food bloggers who attended the event, plus it was my very first blogger outing
so i really really really have you girls to thank!!!!! **MANY MANY MANY HUGS AND KISSES**

(crazily in love with this awesome Snake ring from

we took some pictures cause the place looked really cool and official-ish!!!! :)

if i had one at home i'll put it at my door
not guard dog, but GUARD EAGLE!!!! naiseeee :)


Secondly, regarding my very first casting / audition I mentioned in a post about.. 2 weeks back.....


But as I mentioned previously, it was the biggest honour in my entire insignificant measly life to even be given a chance, despite being rejected.
Like I said, I've never been asked for casting for modelling or whatever cool stuff before!!! :(

It was that emailed to ask if I was interested in going for a casting for their new show and obviously I was suuuuuper surprised and excited!
But then again, I was extremely stressed over it and couldn't sleep well and eat well for days before the audition and just the night before the casting I was so nervous and jumpy i banged my elbow onto some sharp corner really hard and then it started bleeding badly.. that was how much the casting had an impact on me. And I really wanted the part! (who wouldn't?)

After the interview, one of the girls told me to wait 1 to 2 weeks for the result but after 2 weeks I received none. So I finally texted one of them to ask if getting no replies means they've chosen someone else
(i actually already knew that i didn't get chosen else they would have text me long ago, right? but a part of me needed to hear the cruel truth to give up hoping)

And then the entire weight of reality came crashing down on me as I read the reply that they had already selected a suitable candidate

at first I tried not to cry
I told myself I knew I wouldn't get the part, I was just "trying my luck" and that I only took it as "a good learning experience"

until i broke the news to baby.. and that's when the waves and waves of disappointment became too overwhelming and manifested themselves into liquid form, a burning sensation as they escaped from my eyes

my poor boyfriend had to keep wiping my tears and hugging me, really wouldn't know what to do without him. maybe i might have just became too stupid and blinded by the moment and did something irreversible. but thankfully he was there :)
and of course, thanks to the many sweethearts on twitter who caught me posting emo tweets and gave me cyber hugs and all!!! ^^

i'm feeling way better now!

though i'm obviously really sad about being rejected (duh~~~)
and through that i've realised how insignificant and how lowly others might think of me
and yeap. i KNOW that i just have to suck it up cause if i'm not good enough then i really have no one else to blame but myself :)


ANYWAY enough of ranting!!!!!~~~~~~ ^^
in case anyone was wondering

I really am absolutely certain that I couldn't have won the Yummilicious Feast blog contest without you girls!!!

So I'll be giving away 5 x $10 Food Vouchers for Icon Village (closest MRT Tanjong Pagar) to 5 lucky girls!!!
The food vouchers will last till Dec 2011 so no rush in making your way there :)
But trust me, Icon Village is a DAMN NICE PLACE! awesome food + good to take photos there too!!!

How to Win:
1. Leave ANY comment at the end of this post (smiling faces, dots and lines count too! hahaha)
2. Add in YOUR EMAIL at the end of it so I can contact you if you win
3. I'll choose 5 winners on 17th July 11.59PM

Okay maybe some girls will be like "huh you win $500 you give us $50 only? so giam siap!!"
No horrr!!!

Cause right I need to treat my mummy, my sister, my brother and my boyfriend to eat first, plus Eric and Kiyomi whom I met at the Yummilicious Feast event cause I promised them on twitter to treat them!!! :)

So if I have any more after that I'll do giveaways for the food vouchers again~~~ kay? :)

But either ways, I WILL ALWAYS HAVE MORE GIVEAWAYS hahaha scared what! :p




TheBlackSecret is one of the few blogshops that really know how to distinguish themselves from the rest!
From their trademark black lipstick seen on their model in every collection, they've now manufactured their very own TheBlackSecret bag for you girls to grab!!! :D

They are always updating with new collections so do remember to check their "Shop All" section ( for their previous collections, with equally trendy and fab stuff such as this pair of checkeredshorts and tie dye crop top!!! :)
I super love blogshops with tons of updates heheh! ^^
Having more variety means better choices! :)

And obviously not forgetting their LATEST COLLECTION (, with is ALL UNDER $20!!!!!!
love it!!! ^^

And for some extra fun, you can also take part in TheBlackSecret's giveaway contest! :)
For more details, please refer to !!

So what are you waiting for? Do add them up!!! :)


Ivy said...

BABE! Firstly, congrats on winning! And also, I'm glad you're feeling better after the casting! Don't worry, you will get in one day! Gambateh! ^^


wanli said...

Hi! I guess it is just weird to be commenting at such a hour! But I need my daily dosage of blog reading from you!
I always like it when you shared your online shopping shops with us and give us a chance to doll up without even spending much! Love it to bits!
Hopefully you can organize maybe a reader outing?! :)

Neal :) said...

Why so chio?!!

Don't give up babe! There's always chances in the future as long as you are willing to try..

Failure is the mother to success, remember that.

Anonymous said...

cheerup babe, yes treat it as an experience cause I'm sure you'll do much better next time! there would always be plenty of opportunities for people whom don't fear trying <3 ps, your successful food blogging entry is one good example right? ^^ don't know if you rmb me though, haha but you're always my all time fav blogger and efficient bs owner :)

Anonymous said...

Omg congrats on winning babe!!! I voted for you heehee. Don't worry about growing fat la please, your stomach is so flat..must enjoy properly leh, your first ever event and you won!^^
My email is! :)

Rachel said...

Omg congrats on winning babe!!! I voted for you heehee. Don't worry about growing fat la please, your stomach is so flat..must enjoy properly leh, your first ever event and you won!^^
My email is! :)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD dont be sad!!! This means that another BETTER opportunity will come to you after! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Yoketing said...

I hope I win!^^

Anonymous said...

Hello commented:D

Jingwen said...

Hello commented :D

Kazumi said...


Saladpalette said...

Hi babe! I read your blog like almost everyday! :)
Congratz on winning the vouchers! Envy you so much!
& even if you didnt get selected for the audition, fret not! Many of us gals are not even asked to go for any auditions before! So you're way more lucky than us! :)
I hope to win the food voucher, so I can treat my family!
Thanks! & lastly, i think you're really generous to giveaway food vouchers! XD

xiaomui said...

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ^_^

lirin said...

CYBER HUG x17543 there are better opportunity out there!
Hope i win den i can nom on de food u guys ate! Jealous max

Anonymous said...

Congrats love!!! Hehehe so happy that you won!!!!!! :o) hope you enjoy all the yummy food!

Anonymous said...

Pxdkitty, don't be too upset over the casting matters k. There's more to come in future!! Be strong! I will continue to read your blog and twit! Hehehe <3 Email:

Leora said...

Stay strong always! XX

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I HUG u too k! 0<>0


Anonymous said...

Hi there! <3
Congrats on winning, and thanks for sharing those fab food vouchers with us as well. Hope I stand to get one of those so I can feast on all the yummy food. (: I love to eat!

Lastly, let your heart not be troubled babe. You're good enough in my eyes. Best blog for all the heavenly cheap deals, tutorials, incredibly detailed blogpost.

I will stay tune. (:

Nicolene said...

"Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don't, then who will, sweetie? So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life's a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about." -Marilyn Monroe

Jiaying said...

Hello congrats on winning the yummyLicious blogger contest!!:) and do no be dejected over the casting stuff in clicknetwork!! God IS fair!! You lose something, you were upset ad eventually, you gained another thing which is even greater cus is 500bux food voucher and not forgetting u love food alot!!!^^

Henny said...

Cheer up babe!! indulge the food and don't be sad abt the result.. there is always a better opp.. it's just a start.. :) every thing happens because of certain reason.. :)

Hope you pick me.. :D

love your blog as always.. :)

Kiki said...

I'm happy that you cheered up. Stay happy and cheerful always! Happy or sad, we'll always love you! ♥ I believe god will reward you with something better soon ^^ <3 ♥

Anonymous said...

heh grats to you for being the winner :> and sharing the vouchers with your readers (Y)! - yanyuan

Emily Eve said...

Have I ever told you how much I love your blog??? Whether its the pictures, posts or the good deals, I LOVE THEM ALL and you of course! I have always wanted to participate in your giveaways but never felt like I would win (I really wanted to join the Hello Kitty mask one) so this is my first!

Sher said...


Anonymous said...

Heylo, you're sooo pretty! :) Hope to get to go out with you soon. I like that you are always so cheery!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning the food vouchers babe! (: ^^ <3

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on being able to win. ;) You're the best blogger and apparently you're alr generous enough to share the vouchers!!! ;)

lovemejojo said...

glad you won ^^ ♥♥♥

Phoebe said...

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I can't live without having to go to your blog at least once a day. heh :)

Tarzsdoodles said...


Patricia Alandrea said...

<3<3 i read your blog everyday &' night ^.^v cheer up alright?:)))) <3 you.


-hellokitty fans too! :3-

w.loves; Patricia-Alandrea


Anonymous said...

hey prettaye! :)
congrats!! you won!! heeeee :D
hope that you are feeling better now
and i hope i win too although i am always not the lucky one heh.
anyway will still love u as much no matter what! :)
<3 always!

Wendy said...

Rachell! (see, i spell correctly. because i've been your fan for really long okay!)

I don't care if you win the audition or not because i love you! p.s. maybe only slightly less than your bf~~~

Always supporting you,

(: said...

Hi. I'm a new reader! Hehehe. You're so coolz. Congrats on winning yo! You're georgeous. ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachell, congratulation on winning!
And do cheer up, it's okay that you got rejected. At least you went for it and had the experience.
I'm sure you will do even better for the next or any other opportunity ahead of you.
All the best! ♡

Email Address:

Anonymous said...


RachSue. ☮ said...

I voted for you! Hehe. XUAN WO XUAN WO XUAN WO!!!!!! :3


Cherbel said...

Discovered your blog recently and liking it! Glad that your feeling better now and I'm sure that good things pointing in the right direction are on their way now to you :)

Hope to see your email in my inbox (with good news,hee :P) at ! :))

Anonymous said...

Hey :D
Love ya!!!~
And hope I will win because it's my birthday on 17july! :)
I know you're so super good one la ^^
Thank you kitty <3

Krystle said...

Helllo!! Cheerup alrights!! <3 I love reading your blog and there's this feeling that I will always want to come back to read more! :) Just want to say when there is a loss, there would also be a gain! Even though you were not selected, you still won yourself $500 food vouchers!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I always tell myself everything always happens for a good reason so don't get too upset about it k! ^^ My email is (3p in the word appple)Please stay happy and gorgeous!!!!

XueFang said...

Hello pretty ! (:

Congrats that you won the food voucher ! ^^

I love reading your blog and i must say that you are very generous to share the vouchers with your friends,bloggers ^^

Jingen said...

Hai babe! :)
Congratz on winning! :) Must be so blessed to be able to use those vouchers for yummy food, hehe. You're really honoured and lucky to be invited to clicknetwork for auditions! It's just a pity you weren't chosen :( else we would get to watch your show! But oh well, don't be sad about it! Treat it as a valuable experience and always keep trying, remember to never give up! :) Becoz your readers will always be there to support you ^^ Upload more tutorials or video to entertain us coz you're really sweet. Rock on!


Heheheh ! I AM SO GLAD YOU WON . OMG .HAHAHAH ! Aiya , rejection is not that bad ! As long as you don't give up trying , there will always be a chance in the future ! I <3 food , so I hope to win the giveaway ! :P

Melissa said...

Hi babe!
CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING THE CONTEST! I am really glad that my vote was part of your victory! I really hope to try out the sumptuous food @ Icon Village, especially the fish & chips that looks too good to be true. :D
I also will like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing me with blogshops that are so affordable, simple tutorials that really make wonders and introducing delicious food that make my tummy wish I was a better owner. Hehee.

I don't think I will win the $10 voucher. But I hope to stay optimistic like how you are always like. :) Stay awesome!!
By the way, my email is


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Me Me Me! Choose me!

Anonymous said...

congrats for winning!
anyway, life's like that. don't look back :D smileeeee!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha i hope to win cause i love to eat :)
And dont be sad because perhaps something more awesome awaits you!!!

Irene said...

Nomnomnom ^^

Hey babe, although you didn't get selected, at least you gained an experience not everyone would have.
Hope you would stay positive and strong, no more cries just the hyper you . ^^

PS: I wanna try the cheese pie & tart there. HEHEEEE!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cheer up! :) There'll be other chances!(:

Anyway, hope I win!

Sibeh Shihan said...

I don't think you're not good enough. I'll break anyone's head who think you're lowly/insignicant okay! ^-^V Don't let anyone bring you down, I think you're awesome!

Katy Lee said...

Hi!! I'm katy here! Rmb how I was telling u on fb chat that I didn't rly like u before bcs I thought you look like those who act nice on fb and all!! But aft reading ur blog, u just totally won me over la!! U started making videos requested by many to acquire to our needs, advertising for cheap deals so we won't miss out on anything, @ing back to ppl whom you don't know with a v friendly tone! Most ppl when they get their clothes from a specific bs, they seem to be selfish in telling ppl whr they got their outfits from but you are different! U don't care whose copying you, u just share it w everyone else!! :) I think all bloggers shld be like pxdkitty!! Srsly, I've came across a lot that tried to be nice and act bigshot don't reply @s, and I soon started to stereotype bloggers that they are all the same, even you!! Gosh sorry abt that!! I rly didn't know much abt u back then, but I took the time to get to know you by reading your past entries back from aug 2010. U had many setbacks and u posted ur feelings, I rly felt kinda bad like "gosh why didn't I get to know you earlier so I could comfort u!" But now, u see, you are so confident in front of the camera, your poses and all are so pretty! I watch every of ur video, and I don't find it ugly (the makeup one) or act cute (the 2sec wink) or like trying to be famous! In anyway, I hope you continue ur bs and continue growing big! :) Though I have my o's now, I will continue to support you! Aft my o's we go ton HAHHAHA ok love you :) we need to meet up for my tai yang bing HAHAHA thank you rachell :) ok back to tuition! Hahaha

Xinyi 신이 said...

Congras for winning!
Omg i want to try the pizza that you said its super nice ! :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey babe!

Firstly, Congrats on winning! We voted really hard for you thou :p
Secondly, don't feel sad over what's over already kay? You're awesome so you don't have to care what others think of you! You dont live to please others :) Be happy! A happy girl is a pretty girl! (you already are thou) ^^

Your loyal blog reader :3

Anonymous said...

Good luck to me n everyone:)
And I love reading ur site:)