Wednesday, July 13, 2011


After eating and walking around at Vivo (previous post), baby and I went to Sentosa!!! :)
TEEHEE cause we've never been there together before~~~

psst, will share the link of where i got this brown knitted top in my next few posts! :)

i think we were watching the sunset... I THINK :/

seeee, told you! ^^
we were accompanied by sushi, potato chips, pink dolphin and banana bread we bought from Giant lol

baby's birkys made these coral-look-alike designs on the sand so i tried mine too

mine were like.. ruffles potato chips HAHAH
anyway i saw someone asking about my leopard sandals but i forgot where i saw it! :s

and then we started drawing how our son will look like in future, and we were like
"ehhh must have high nose bridge"
so we did a 3D nose
and then we got inspired!!!

this is my pyramid and sphinx ^^

this is baby's tall pyramid and sphinx... with my small pyramid at the back :(

i can make perfect 3D hearts out of sand! ^^

lol okay not really a talent but....... i've always felt special cause i taught myself how to make it and you can even pass it around without it breaking!

and then we got more adventurous and decided to make our version of what baby called
"The Silent Scream"

basically it's a 3D skull with lower fangs with a long face screaming.... wearing a hat!
hahah it has nostrils too!


hahaha so apparently we're not that romantic after all but we had like a damn super good time please!! ^^
and today's our 10th month yay! :)


Quote PXDKITTY with your purchase! ^^

Every girl loves her blings, and I am no exception!!! :)
This blingbling Rilakkuma iphone cover I bought from Taiwan at $200+ is a damn good proof! lol
If you want a pretty iphone cover just like mine (at WAAAAY CHEAPER), READ ON~~~ :D

GlamChicBling is a site that allows you to customise your iphone, blackberry and other phone models' casings!!!!!!
Here are some of my super favourites~~~
Price range? $40 to $70 depending on design! CHEAP OR WHAT? ^^
(that's like less than HALF of what i paid for!!! now i feel super cheated by the taiwan shop.. T.T)

Apart from the usual blingblings, these 2 gingerbread designs really made me melt!
(you can find more designs at
like all the adorable and sweet desserts ALL ON YOUR PHONE!!!!!
and it's only like $50!!!!
if my best girl friend's birthday is coming i'd totally buy this for her cause i think almost every girl cannot resist this!!!! ^^

Oh wait, that's not the end yet! GlamChicBling also offers a extremely wide range of blingbling products to satisfy all our lust for shiny thingsssss~~

This blingbling stiletto Hello Kitty PHONE (yes, house phone!) from GlamChicBling has been added to my Hello Kitty collection, yay!!! ^^
I know how sian it is to pick up the home phone when someone calls cause home phones always look so..... -.-
so now with this Hello Kitty stiletto phone, I MAKE MY BOYFRIEND CALL MY HOME PHONE so that i can pick it up, LOL!!!!
damn classic ^^
and even if nobody bothers to call your home phone, it looks good as a decorative item as well~

my laptop is like x99999999 of importance to me!!!!
and i'm always buying PINK optical mouse cause i think it makes my boring black laptop less sad and manly HAHAH
my many mouse(s??) have always been in a cute shade of pink, but now, it's EVEN BETTER!!!
This super chio Hello Kitty mouse from is bound to capture the hearts of every Hello Kitty fan out there, regardless of age!
i really think GlamChicBling's items are PERFECT as gifts for yourselves and for others cause it's really super super pleasant to receive something so pretty and shiny!!! ^^

and for girls who have tired eyes and may remove their contact lens at the end of the day outside,
but still wanna look cute while doing that, store your contact lens solution in these gingerbread and dessert casings! ^^

You can also join their Facebook page at GlamChicBling:


And courtesy of GlamChicBling, I have 2 pairs of blingbling ear pieces to give away!!! :D

All you have to do is to:

1. Leave a comment at the end of this post saying why you like shiny and blingbling stuff!! :)
2. Leave your email so I can contact you if you win
3. I will choose 2 winners by 14th July 11.59PM! ^^

Good luck!


Check out the items below by LoveFiieFiie~~~ :)


Anonymous said...

I like bling bling as it's really chio and it captures every girl's heart. Bling Bling makes smth stands out and more eye catching. I have alot blingbling stuffs at home too, bet every girls do? I fell it love with the earpiece the moment I saw it so hope i could win this hehee ;) you can contact me at! :D

Anonymous said...

Bling bling makes the product look pretty and not-so-boring!! :D

Amanda misaki sea said...

I love bling stuff! Omg I want!
I always bling all my stuff. I'm serious. And I even bling my own boring pink and white lens casing that comes with the Geo lens we buy online!
And just right, I'm like dreaming for this earphones when I saw it on glamchicbling a few weeks back! Was about to buy too!! Hahaha! Just right can save money! Nyahahaha!
I love you!! An I love glamchicbling for organizing this giftaway!
I'm a happy girl now ~

calista said...

i like shiny and blingbling stuff because i can look atas without spending a bomb. eheheheh. and you can never go wrong with pretty stuff! ^^ <3

Sochii Kamiya and Andelia Rehauste said...

Loving bling bling stuff because they not only look good in pictures but also in real life 83 okay... actually i jus make a beeline for anything bling, i m jus attracted.

Dionne said...

I love bling bling stuffs a lot, they make our stuffs stands out in style and only girls have the blings ^^ and i always wanted to personalize some bling bling stuff but scare later spoil my earpiece or phone ): So this is perfect bling, & i love pink! <3

thanks babe <3

Anonymous said...

Wow, I went to that blogshop before, being amazed by all those prettyyyyy rhinestones and bling bling! :D I mean, look at all her gadgets, so chio! Who doesn't want to buy ALL those bling cuties if you can afford. I WANT. :D I've been always dreaming of bling-ing my iPhone, and all the electronic gadgets I have!
I love those blings as they reflect light and they're just so eye catching! Which girl can stand these beauties? :) you even look prettier w the blings!! :)

P/S: I saw your twitter, cheer up dear! <3

Love, your loyal reader. :)

Amanda Tgx! said...

Bling-ing stuff has always been my passion! Heh I can spend hours just blinging my phone, computer or even my stationery! At the end of the day, the end results gives me that satisfaction and I'm really happy to see how my prized possessions have beame so pretty!!! ^^ I love pink and colourless bling most cos it makes me feel like I'm a princess! Cos normally only people of royalty gets such nice pretty stuff right! Hehe yup! <3 Really hope I can win this!! Then it can match with my self bling-ed phone!!! :)
Thank you dear!!
Amanda,! :)

Anonymous said...

I love bling bling and shiny stuff because it makes me stand out from the rest. Not only it attracts onlookers but it also boost my moral and esteem to say I'm proud to have it. Bling bling is like the flickering stars in the sky that you hope to see every now and then to say "wow, the sky is really beautiful tonight" I really hope to have the pink earpiece to truthfully also say how much I love the color pink dearly. :)

Black Diamond said...

I love your blog. Its always so jjang!
I like shiny blingbling things because they make me feel cool, glam and awesome. And also because nobody else has them! They can be like ooh where'd you get it, and your just like, ahahha ;). I especially like phone cases because when you pull out your phone or ipod out and its all sparkly people look at it and then it makes them more curious to look at you as a whole. the earpieces would match my ipod :P
My email is
laugh at the name, I made it when I was 11 >.<

Any whos, awesome blog I love it :D

Ayi said...

I love blink blink stuff because it always stands out plus the blinks are never ugly! Love it when it can be compatible with my blink iPhone casing. ^^ Thanks for the great giveaway!

Chong Shi Hui said...


aiko said...

Bling bling stuff is (Y)
It makes me unique and attract attention cause everyone will so be sooo jealous of me :D

Stay pretty & happy ^^

Melissa Seraphina said...

I like bling bling cus i like to attract attention. As bling bling make me feel special as is damn striking and people can just see it from far. I also like people t stare at me with "omg so preety blings' thats why i love to have bling bling around me so i can attract attention and make people jealous of me TEEHEEE. i hope i winnn ~~~ never win in giveaway before D:

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I almost bought those pair of earpiece! Thank god for pxdkitty, I thought I could stand a chance to win your giveaway. (: I fell in love with the pink bling bling earpiece when I first saw it! Absolutely love pink and bling. <3 thanks so much for the post, I'm gonna get myself the Hello Kitty mouse! <3

LI SHAN said...

I love bling bling and shiny stuffs because I can't afford diamond at this age yet ( bling crystal are something that can shine and bling like a diamond yet at a more affordable price ) and I think that if a girl really knows how to dress up herself , she must not forget to "dress up " her gadget too , bling bling and shiny stuff not only make the item look pretty and it also make you express what kind of person you're . Like if you're a girly one you will have some princessy design , if you're rock chic you will have other design of blings stuff. Lastly , I seriously think by blinging my stuff will instantly make it more 'Lively' , it makes my item stand out from others although we're having the same thing ( like same phone model ) , with so much reasons there's no reason for me to not love bling and shiny stuffs :)

Hope you share the same thoughts as me XD

Li Shan

AmandaMisaki♥ said...

I love bling stuff! Omg I want!
I always bling all my stuff. I'm serious. And I even bling my own boring pink and white lens casing that comes with the Geo lens we buy online!
And just right, I'm like dreaming for this earphones when I saw it on glamchicbling a few weeks back! Was about to buy too!! Hahaha! Just right can save money! Nyahahaha!
I love you!! An I love glamchicbling for organizing this giftaway!
I'm a happy girl now ~
My email is

Nyahahhaa! I remember to put email le^^

Charlotte said...

I LOVE Bling Bling cause it actually brighten me up + it's pink in color. I super duper love pink & bling. And it actually make stand out of the crowd cause it's striking + looks liek diamond. Girls loves diamond. Anyway, thankyou PXDKITTY for this giveaway. <3

Ivy and Vincent said...

OMG. The reason why I love blingbling is that I personally believe in fireflies- although I haven't seen one before. I also believe that fairies, pixie dusts and fireflies actually exist in the world, and BLINGS remind me of them! Especially those in girly colours, like pink!

Make my dream more realistic! ^^ I really do hope I win. And you rock Rachell!!\m/
<3 <3 <3

Meibei said...

I love bling bling because it always capture my eyes when I see them. What's more, the bling bling is in pink! It's my favourite colour! <3 I've always wanted bling bling stuffs but I do not own any of it cause bling bling stuffs are expensive (most of them are). & bling bling stuffs attracts more attention from those normal not-bling-bling stuffs. Love you babe! <3

Pearlene said...

1. I love bling because it makes my friends compliment me and hey! who doesn't love compliments? ^^ Hehe! Bling makes me feel special and unique, definitely more different then others :) I simply just love BLING :)


Thanks a lot :)

Anonymous said...

ARGHS! Bling bling omg, women's weakness. its so chioo. can catch attention especially if using the earpiece to listen to song. its so pretty and chio. Choose me, Choose me!

Anonymous said...

i love blingbling and shiny things because it makes my things look more outstanding and people would be like :"oooo that is prettyyy!" . i love blings so much that i even went to bling my phone into usa flag :D

Joell low said...

i love shiny stuffs because its attractie and pretty ((: i used to bing my handphones/mp3/itouch with swarovski crystals but i nvr had a blinged earpiece before!

Rachell 짱! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

i love bling bling stuffs cause it looks very feminine, high class and glam! ESP HOT PINK BLINGS! THEY ARE THE <3<3! and also i like bling bling stuffs cause they catch attentions very easily! (:

Sally said...

I really love bling bling stuff as they can easily decorate on any stuff like phone, camera or even laptop to make it more attractive and it simply look so luxury. And bling bling stuff will always capture people's eyes and bling bling stuff is also trending recently!
Hope I can really win this bling bling ear piece!^^

♥, SHERMAINE. said...

I love bling bling stuffs alot ! Last time i did bling my phone with diaso blings ! then the outcome was nice ! and it attract lots of attraction ! I LIKE ! hehe ! I received tons of compliments ! I really wan to win that earpiece because its dam kawaii ! . hehehe ~ hope you will choose me ~ happygirl now XD

email : (:

Anonymous said...

I like blingbling stuffs because its very sparkling,fashionable and attractive. And i like pink colour blingbling as it will always catch my attention <3 blingbling stuffs looks like diamond which is really very pretty, and it reminds me of fairytales hahaha i dk why leh. Anw blingbling stuffs are awesome <3<3<3 ^^

Rilasz said...

I love blingbling stuffs because it makes me looks cheerful! Like when I'm alone in the bus, I don't want to look sad! Bling bling = cute + pretty = happy me! :D Thanks a lot babe! <3


Lim Ee Pheng ♥ said...

I think bling & shiny stuffs really adds life to a certain gadget or thing. I hate how things are always invented in boring & dull colours like, black, white, sliver laptop?! It's so ugly :( And ugly sliver, grey, white & black phones?! Why can't people invent pink & blingy stuff so girls can stop carrying ugly stuff around T_T

Imagine a girl who is dressed damn pretty, then you see her silky face, her nice face, then.... WITH A BLACK LAPTOP & BLACK PHONE. Damn anti-climax right!

So yay everyone should have blingy stuffs ^^ Heheheh thanks!!

Ee Pheng (

HUIMIN♥ said...

I love bling bling stuffs, because i think it is just too cute and chio ! For blingbling stuffs, im sure most of the girls love it. Blingbling on phone cover even make it more chio, and people will like wondering where you bought so pretty casing where like it not so common that everyone have it. Mouse w blingbling make it more attractive w your laptop :) Bling bling items are just too prefect :)

Amy said...

I like shiny and blingbling stuff because I like being the brightest/sparkling among the rest and it makes you feel special because you stand out among the rest! Thus, the love for shiny and blingbling stuff.

H A N Y I said...

Hi, i think bling bling is so chio ! Shiny shiny one, and my phone cover is now also bling bling one ^^ so if i get this, then so matching ! (:

KaiLi said...

I love bling bling stuffs. Its just way too beautiful. I really hope i can wish this pink bling earpiece. Althought my comment is just way too simple. Just trying my luck. Choose me! :)

Anonymous said...

I love shiny and blingbling stuffz is because it makes me stand out in the crowd and its not so common for others to own it especially if we customized our own bling! It catches others' attention and people will go 'wow' :)

Unknown said...

i <33 bling bling stuff cos they r juz purely attractive!!they sparkles like pretty~nt 2 mention them look like diamonds..which gals dun like diamonds??><

lyn said...

I'm going to be honest and say that I really love attention but not in the negative sense. I like everyone looking at me and being the talk of people's conversation (positively), I mean I killed their boredom right, and at the same time makes me feel really special like a people's people. There isn't much to talk about me other than me being a hardcore online shopper (like u!) and it's the thing I carry and wear that attracts their attention and helps us start convos because they will approach me to enquirer where I get my stuff from. If I win this bling, it will get me more attention cos il be so shiny that no one will miss me! @ the same time I can help to promte the blings! Let me win! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Bling Bling stuff makes a person shine! If you dress in Black for the day, the bling bling will become your fashion statement (:

Anonymous said...

i dun really like bling stuff , but since its pink i will give it a try (: , i like it because the blings is in pink colour , pink is the chio-est colour ever !! , hahahsx ,
take care babe ! :3

Anonymous said...

Omg, I freaking love blinged and shiny things! I mean, diamonds are a girl's best friend but rhinestones are the next best thing ;D I love the way blinged and gleaming things totally catch the light, it's like a total signboard: look at me, my things are so gorgeous :D plus, blinged things always look so atas~

Anonymous said...

I freaking love my things w bling bling. Its so pretty and attractive ! Especially pink bling bling, that is even more prefect, it more our things look more special and pretty instead of those common and boring colour. I have always wanted to have a blingbling earpiece . And this giveaway pink blingbling earpiece is just way too pretty ! Hope I can win this earpiece <3<3


Kazumi said...

I ♥ Bling Bling stuff because it attracts attention! And Shiny & blingbling explains all about me :) looking at blingbling stuff makes me feel happy :) haha!

Anonymous said...

I like those blinged thing is because I really love girly stuff and diamonds and jewelry. Everything is just more fun and pretty with some bling.

SChaeyoung said...

I like those bling bling earpiece because I am a fan of blingbling!! Diamonds are girls's bestfriend right? HEHEHE! But we are all still students, so no money to get those real and chio ones! >.< Also, my earpiece is getting old, so I need a new one! Thanks for having this giveaway! Goodluck to everyone who entered! :D

Anonymous said...

Blingbling stuff capture people's attention! AA ^^

Soph said...

Blinged stuff makes the world go round ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ every girl loves bling and it makes your special and unique from others cus it makes others more envious (笑)especially when someone like me ♥s bling and pink stuff. #likeaprincess

Anonymous said...

Nothing can describe how chio blingbling stuff is! And I hope to win because it is a giveaway from you! ♥ blingbling stufffs! ;)

Anonymous said...

Because I love to party and work that body

Anonymous said...

I love blingbling stuff becuz it's mad chio and every girl likes it. me too! Please choose me!! :D

(LL) said...

bling stuff adds sparkle and shine to my otherwise dull and uninteresting life~ (but not too much bling, don't wanna end up like a christmas tree lol!) seeing pretty bling blings brightens up my day! :D also i'm sucker for cutesy, girly girl stuff ♥ makes me feel like a little kid again ^^