Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello!! ^^
Just cleaned up my room a bit so I shall post something up!

Went to Icon Village (very near Tanjong Pagar MRT station) to treat my family + boyfriend to yummy food using the food vouchers from! ^^

We went to SALTA for grilled stuff!!!~~~
cause I remember the super fragrant meat they served previously and i really wanted my family to try it as well :) :)

(you can read more about the food at Icon Village from this post:

SALTA is quite like a fine-dining place (and i was obviously underdressed hahah), damn atas + casual at the same time cause they have an open kitchen showing their impressive grill as a center piece in the restaurant!
their service is beyond AWESOME, the staff are EXTREMELY polite, well-mannered and got a lot of seh when they serve you!!!! :D
not like your usual waiters and waitresses okay!!!~~

if you're gonna eat there, their price range is not exactly the cheapest but i will STRONGLY recommend it for like special anniversaries, birthday treat, very important dates or meeting etc!!! ^^
your other half will be delighted by their service and their food, definitely!

i think they served us (atas looking & tasting) bread as appetisers or to prevent us from getting hungry while waiting for our meal
and........ EVEN THEIR BREAD IS DAMN GOOD!!!!!!!!!
super super yummy!!!!!
i felt like buying them home to dabao for breakfast lor! :D :D

then came the pumpkin soup!!! ^^
I LIKED IT A LOT cause it's thick, creamy and fragrant!
if you're the kind who like thick corn soup, you'll like this as well :)

my whole family goes crazy over meat hahaha
and the meat they serve at SALTA is definitely worth drooling for!

comes with a really cute cow thingy that shows how well cooked the meat is too! ^^
this is the same awesome mixed grill i had previously at the event!!!

my brother ordered the cod fish cause all our other dishes were beef, lamb, black hog, chicken etc
EFFING NICE!!!!!! the fish is damn soft and smooth and it glides down your throat more than willingly~~~

baby ordered beef ribeye steak and he got damn high at the blood hahaha!!!!
it's like all of the the juice bursts out of the meat into your mouth when you bite into it

by the time we finished all that meat we were super super full but we needed a closure and ordered 2 desserts to share ^^
didn't manage to take a picture of the champagne+sorbet one but this chocolate cake with ice cream was sooooooooooo good it's sinful!
the WARM chocolate cake wasn't too sweet and it retains the chocolate's fragrance, while the banana and chocolate ice cream satisfied the sweet tooth's craving!!!! damn killer combo!!!!
eat already can go to heaven please~~~~~~~

it's kinda like the first time i ever really treated my mum since the rest of the time the savings i have are allowances from her and daddy? heheh :x

anyway i saw a comment someone left saying "LOL don't you have a dad?" which i found extremely childish
1. not blogging about my dad doesn't mean i don't have one
2. even IF someone didn't have a dad, i don't think Laughing Out Loud at someone's loss would be the smartest thing to do


On a happier note, here are the 5 winners for the Icon Village $10 Food Vouchers giveaway!

To the winners, please email me with your NAME + HOME ADDRESS for me to mail out your vouchers, thank you!

When you receive the vouchers, please ASK the restaurant/outlet at Icon Village if they accept the food vouchers first before dining there, cause some restaurants are not participating in this promotion!! :)

Anonymous Jingen said...

Hai babe! :)
Congratz on winning! :) Must be so blessed to be able to use those vouchers for yummy food, hehe. You're really honoured and lucky to be invited to clicknetwork for auditions! It's just a pity you weren't chosen :( else we would get to watch your show! But oh well, don't be sad about it! Treat it as a valuable experience and always keep trying, remember to never give up! :) Becoz your readers will always be there to support you ^^ Upload more tutorials or video to entertain us coz you're really sweet. Rock on!

July 16, 2011 5:53 AM

Melissa said...

Hi babe!
CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING THE CONTEST! I am really glad that my vote was part of your victory! I really hope to try out the sumptuous food @ Icon Village, especially the fish & chips that looks too good to be true. :D
I also will like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing me with blogshops that are so affordable, simple tutorials that really make wonders and introducing delicious food that make my tummy wish I was a better owner. Hehee.

I don't think I will win the $10 voucher. But I hope to stay optimistic like how you are always like. :) Stay awesome!!
By the way, my email is


July 16, 2011 7:15 AM

Blogger Saladpalette said...

Hi babe! I read your blog like almost everyday! :)
Congratz on winning the vouchers! Envy you so much!
& even if you didnt get selected for the audition, fret not! Many of us gals are not even asked to go for any auditions before! So you're way more lucky than us! :)
I hope to win the food voucher, so I can treat my family!
Thanks! & lastly, i think you're really generous to giveaway food vouchers! XD

July 15, 2011 6:44 PM

Anonymous Patricia Alandrea said...

<3<3 i read your blog everyday &' night ^.^v cheer up alright?:)))) <3 you.


-hellokitty fans too! :3-

w.loves; Patricia-Alandrea


July 15, 2011 10:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


July 15, 2011 7:52 PM

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Shirley :> said...

Hey babe , woah the person who comment on your dad is so mean cheerup ya , even if they have both parents their parents didn't teach them well enough too ! i read your blog almost everyday ~ jy :)