Monday, July 18, 2011


TEEHEE random hair tutorial~~~~~~ :)
and my knitted top is from THEBLOGSHOP (

Hello sweethearts, if you need some fashion inspirations or a major wardrobe revamp, do remember to visit THPAPERPLANE!!!
They always update very often with extremely pretty designs :)
I'm always super excited whenever I see their new updates (I'm a stalker of their website) cause they'll always have awesome collections with all the designs i will totally buy!!!! :) :)

I love this military green stripe sexy back top!!!!
somehow i'm quite drawn to this olive colour recently, so this came in the mail at a very good time! ^^
Plus the slashes at the back are quite thick so it doesn't overly expose your bra straps if that's why you're worried about :p

And OMG YAY my first pair of high waist jeansssssssss :) from ThPaperPlane!
Super comfy fit (finally!! a pair that fits me) plus it has 5 buttons... i have an obsession with buttony high waist stuff cause it looks expensive ahhaha
my grading for shorts goes something like:

elastic waist bands / no buttons = fuck off
1 button = meh
2 buttons = a bit less meh than meh
3 buttons = not bad
4 buttons = wooo, pretty

of course ThPaperPlane also has other variations of high waist jeans and shorts!
In fact, i think they have one of the best taste in cuttings of Bottoms among blogshops!!! :)

This Plaited Back Slit Top also caught my attention!!!
I like how angular-ish it makes your body frame look and i think it's pretty!!!
Would definitely be a head turner! ^^

For the music lovers out there, they currently also have instocks of The Beats inspired earpiece!!!!!
it looks super like the real thing and it's at waaaaay cheaper!!!! AWESOME :)

So stop hesitating, get all your awesome loots from ThPaperPlane today! :)

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