Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tiny Flag 2

i think baby and i are damn efficient!!! hahaha here's our Tiny Flag Episode 2!
previously someone requested for words on the videos on names of shops etc
hope this is better than our first one! ^^

feel free to leave us any feedback or places you'd like us to film etc~ :) :)
as for blogshops who wish to collaborate any form of sponsorship for Tiny Flag (eg. apparels etc) and to be credited at the end of the video, do also email me at ^^

hope you'll enjoy the videos! :)


Anonymous said...

AHHH its damn cute!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!! Lovin' your blog <3

Anonymous said...

hello babe i love your blog. also wanna let you know that i prefer your lighter make up in 2010. you look alot prettier!! now also pretty la =D

Ee Pheng said...

I like the song ^^

Anonymous said...

Which program you are using to edit your video? :)

trails of sweetness said...

U are super cute and i'd say the most real blogger.