Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tiny Flag 3

Tiny Flag's 3rd video!!! ^^
and i have 2 pimples on my face, lol!

for blogshop collaborations with Tiny Flag, please email :)

hope you guys'll like the video!!!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaaaaaa love your tinyflags video. Its so adorable! And the awkward moment in th beginning where your bf have to wave the flag till the song ends is kinda... awkward. LUL.

Perhaps like some awkward slooow motion thing when you're biting into your food and with some exaggerated sounds of it being super nice or what. LOL.


SuWei said...

i wanna apologize because at the 'almost end' end of the video when u're introducing abt nex with ur eye popping trick,i was staring at ur bf. reason being,because he make really funny expressions.
so pxdkitty,i'm really really sorry i didnt mean to stare and laugh my ass out. please forgive me. :D
oh,i'm a loyal fan of tiny flag!!