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Tips to Online Shopping

First of all, girls who have yet to receive your refunds or items from Cube-Gen, please refer to this page on Facebook:


Online shopping plays a HUUUUUUGE part in many girls' lives, including my own.
Especially girls like me who's always on the laptop once they get home, when they're bored etc
and can't be bothered to go out shopping cause you're lazy to carry all those heavy plastic/paper bags home!

So I'm gonna rave about the CONVENIENCE of online shopping!

1. At one glance, you can easily tell if you like the design(s) in a blogshop and whether or not you want to buy it instead of having to flip through tons and tons of clothes racks which can get quite heavy. And sometimes, you also can't see the full design of a piece of an item (eg. a dress) by the sleeves which hang out of the rack! Like for me, sometimes I get attracted by a the long sleeves of a top that's sold in a shop, only to find weird coloured lace at the bottom of the top :S

2. You can post the link of the item you want and immediately ask people on Twitter / Facebook if they think you should get it!

3. The postman delivers it to your doorstep / mailbox so you don't have to carry it home by yourself. Plus, it's always fun to receive huge packages!!! And occassionally I forget what item(s) I'm waiting for and I'll feel really excited opening my mails lol!

4. If you find a blogshop where your height / size is roughly the same as the model's, you don't even have to try on the dresses and tops and mess up your pretty going-out-hair and make up!

5. You can easily compare prices across blogshops to get yourselves the cheapest deals for the same item since everything is just a click away

6. Online stuff sells way cheaper than those outside because the blogshops don't have to pay for rental fees. Plus the local suppliers are more or less the same. So why pay more when you can pay less? ^^


Alright, now knowing the perks of online shopping, it is also important to know the RISKS of it

1. Mails with normal postage sometimes gets lost and there is no way to get them back if it doesn't reach the buyer or the seller

2. The clothes don't fit you in the end ($$$ fly away~~~)

3. Websites that scam and cheat your money


The risks above sound damn bad right?
Well not to worry! As someone who shops online sooooo often, I actually have a few TIPS TO ONLINE SHOPPING for you girls hehehe! :) Feel free to share yours with me too!

1. Always SAVE the pictures of the items you buy online! Be it Taiwan sprees, Korean Sprees or those instock blogshops' pictures! (Of course, please remember to credit the respective blogshops when you use their pictures cause they put in a lot of effort to take them)
This is because sometimes we're lazy to take pictures of the clothes we want to sell, but nobody will wanna buy clothes that we throw on the floor and use our phone's VGA camera to take a picture of.
So... ALWAYS SAVE THE PICTURES WHENEVER YOU DECIDE TO BUY SMTH! :) it'll make re-selling way easier!
This will help solve your diminishing $$ in your wallet from online shopping (by buying and re-selling) as well as in the event that your item doesn't fit you :)

2. Always OPT FOR REGISTERED POSTAGE when you're buying from a new website for the first time. I know it may cost $2 to $3 more, but you'd really rather pay that $2 to $3 than losing your dress worth $20+ or even $50? :)
Also, if the blogshop claims that your item(s) have been mailed out but hasn't reached you after some time yet, registered postage will be the best way for you to track your item (and to know if your item's really been mailed out). Because registered articles have a registered number on them, like a bar code so each step of the mailing process will be updated on the SingPost website.
Eg. RRxxxxxxxxxxSG (the code number if your item) Item Status: Lim Ah Pin SingPost Branch

3. Be VERY WARY of buying from blogshops that REFUSE to offer Registered mails. Because if the sellers mail the item out by Normal Postage, if the item gets lost, the blogshop owner can actually not bear any responsibility for it cause you as the buyer didn't opt for Registered postage where items will definitely not get lost.
This gives the incentive for sellers who plan to CHEAT customers' money to refuse to provide registered postages (even if the customer is willing to pay $2 or $3 more). Cause if they CLAIM to mail out all Normal postages, and CLAIM that all the postages got lost, they could actually get away with it and the buyer (YOU!!) will be the one bearing the losses.
So if you're buying from a blogshop which you haven't bought from before but you really like their items, opt for registered postage until you can trust them :)

4. Have a sense of discernment when reading advertorials. This totally didn't occur to me until the Cube-Gen's incident happened where some girls told me that after month(s) they haven't received items and the seller (whom I considered my friend) is ignoring them.
Basically, advertorials may be done by request by those blogshops whose owners are my friends or other bloggers' friends etc. And advertorials are not always reviews, which are done after receiving the items etc. So while I or other girls post about the blogshops, sometimes we haven't personally bought from them before, or while I'm blogging, it may have been the first time I'm buying from them so I haven't received my items yet but just want to share the good deals. When it's cases like this, I'm in no position to say if the blogshops are efficient or trustworthy because I myself am attracted by the $3 rings!!!! (I mean, who wouldn't?)
So if you're the kaisi (scared die) kind, as tempted as you are by the low prices, don't overspend on that blogshop IN CASE it's a scam. You can aloways buy MORE after you receive your items promptly after your first purchase :)


Anyway, from what I'm seeing, Cube-Gen's case isn't exactly a scam cause Clarice (the owner)'s mum is handling the refunds / collection of items now. It's probably just superly delayed items and delayed replies to customers on her part, which I myself do not condone.
So if you're one of those girls who have yet to receive your refunds or items from Cube-Gen, please refer to this page on Facebook:
But I'd really like to apologise to those girls who's been inconvenienced by the delay in items from Cube-Gen because many girls purchased from her cause I recommended her link. :( I'm really really sorry!

Ultimately I would like to believe she's not cheating your money, just probably some hiccups in handling her mails and smses. But to be honest I was annoyed when she chose to ignore the customers, and me as well cause I treated her as a friend.

But anyway, the good blogshops that I can safely vouch for to be trustworthy and efficient would usually be those spree or instock blogshops that I have personally dealt with before. You can look out for that when I TAKE PICTURES WITH THEIR ITEMS. Cause if their items reach me, it'll definitely reach you too :)

So please keep these tips I've mentioned above in mind and don't let one or two bad experiences stop you from online shopping!!! ^^
The convenience and cost savings you can get from the right online blogshops are too awesome to give up!!!



Anyway I just ordered a few items from

They sell cheap accessories!
Will let you girls know when the items reach me :)

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