Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Image credit to Shaw.sg

Caught the movie preview of Twisted with baby the other day at Shaw Lido, thanks to omy.sg! :)

It's a horror action comedy starring Mark Lee, Mimi Chu and Linda Liao (super pretty and hot maxxxx)!!! ^^

The movie scared me a couple of times (cause i got no balls hahaha) and i'm scared of ghosts :( but baby wanted to watch the movie so being the super good girlfriend that i am, i went along with him~~~~

the movie consisted of 3 different parts, which i think is a really good thing cause the main point of horror films is to scare you, but if the plot is too draggy it loses that effect.
so Twisted is worth watching in a way that you get 3 movies in 1 film, each film achieving the desired scare factor!!! ^^

the first one is super funny (but a bit scary cause of the ghost~~) cause of Mark Lee!!!
hahaha super epic when he tied all those metal wheel parts to himself to protect himself from the ghost LMAO!!!
i think all the movies mark lee stars in are quite good cause it adds the comical effect without fail
plus it made me less scared of the ghost :p

the second part of the movie was quiteeeee gruesome with some gore, but it's not that scary!

the third part of Twisted was the one that left the deepest impact..... it made me a bit scared of bak kut teh now hahaha
but i can guarantee you it's suuuuuuuper twisted! like MIND FUCK!
and Mimi Chu is a damn good actress ^^

ultimately, i think the movie really conveys the message that while we are always afraid of ghosts and all, maybe we should think again who's truly more horrifying - ghosts or human.

and if you ask me.......... I THINK HUMANS SCARIER T.T
cause while ghosts are in-your-face kind of scary, you'll never know what kind of two-faced evil scheming people you're surrounded by O.O *paranoid*

So if you like horror-comedy films, you gotta watch and let me know what you think!! hahaha

Remember to watch Twisted in Cinemas on 28th July!!! :)


WANLIN.K said...

I keep seeing this movie trailer on the tv!! I'm alone at living room so once the trailer start I faster change channel! Lol.. Now too tired already I change to discovery channel to avoid seeing that.. Come your blog see this again!! Omg.. :\

kitty said...

hahah sorry dear :x lol but the movie was good!!! go watch it <3 ^^