Monday, July 25, 2011

[Winner] Giant Chanel Tote Bag Giveaway

Here's a winner for the giveaway~~~~~~~
And I really really really appreciate all the nice comments and all that sweethearts, some of them made me melt like insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeee :')
and i really can't ask for more !!!

but i really don't want you girls to waste your efforts typing long long comments so even if you type "hihi :)" or "^^" or some full stop comment etc will do too! :)
cause i usually pick the comments by random numbers ^^

i'll be having another Chanel tee shirt giveaway soon so do look out for that! :)
remember, don't need to type much, small small comments will do~~ ^^ easier for you to take part and win as well :D

As for the Giant Tote Bag Giveaway, can the following winner please email me your name and home address? Thank you soooooooo much and congrats dear!!!! ^^

Rachell Pxdkitty

And the 13th comment from the top is:
Anonymous lemon said...

Hi rachel. I love reading your blog because you are the most love-to-share blogger I ever seen! You always share the most awesome deals and tips for your readers to look good! How to not love you?!? Hehes. Winning the bag doens't really matter to me cause I just wanna find a chance to say this to you instead of random times so I won't feel so weird. <3 *hugs*

July 21, 2011 7:13 AM


Lambchop-san said...

I don't mind typing long comments whether or not it affects my chances to win because you really deserve all the compliments you get :)

Congratulations to the winner!

Anonymous said...

can u dont pick by random numbers:( we rly make effort

kitty said...

<3 thank you Lampchop-san !!! that really means a lot to me ^^ *hugsss*

to anon, i'm so sorry :( cause seeing everyone's long comments i feel damn lost, i wish i had x9999999 bags to giveaway!! but don't worry dear, i'll have more to come soon :)

J said...

Hi pxdkitty, I was just wondering how you made your tweet and reader's comment in this entry looking like their exact screenshots but they are actually not screenshots since we can copy paste the words one by one. Erm hope you get what I am trying to say.