Friday, August 19, 2011

Boys & their shopping

Random video of the boys shopping the other day~~~ ^^
hint hint: watch it if you like Weixiang :p

ANYWAY, the next giveaway will have about 10 pieces of APPARELS!!! :D
wait for my next few posts okay! ^^ this time it'll be fair and based on guess-the-title-of-the-song in the video sort! :) :)

WAIT FOR IT!!!!! :)


The below cardigan is from DirtyBling! :)


Anonymous said...

rachell i think your foundation makes your face looked way too white or fair.. just giving comment, no offense. not a hater here!!!!! >_<

[[candy`]] said...

Your legs are so skinny/slim(in a nice way)! I like your legs, wish I have such nice legs like yours too :/