Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Birthday Giveaway!!

Hi dears!!!
Today (6th Aug)'s my birthday so while I'm out celebrating, here's something for you girls to look forward to as well! ^^

I'll be having a huge huge giveaway!!!

This time there should be more than 30 winners receiving all BRAND NEW items including apparels, shoes, falsies and other accessories :)

1. Leave any comment under this post, with a valid email address
2. I'll choose the winners and paste all the winners' comments on my blog post on 10th August, 11.59PM (cause i need more time to choose the winners)

have a good weekend ahead sweethearts! :)


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Michelle N. 황흔이 said...

Happy Birthday!! <3<3<3<3<3



Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Rachell! Stay pretty and upload more of the tiny flag videos! And more of your makeup tutorials too! Btw what's your address? I wanna send you a birthday present haha :)

Anonymous said...

Am i the first to comment? hahah!
I simply adore rings!! Especially Connectors. Gotta praise the inventor for that. heehee(: Hopefully i can win one from u?:D

Ps* that Sabretooth one looks way awesome!

Unknown said...

Lucify Gazette

hapi bdae shou xing po!!^^
stay pretty alwayz n last long long wit ur swt bf!!
really luv 2 read ur blog!!
its so entertaining n alwayz lots of gd deals~XDD
hahaz..dunno whether u will b posting hw u celebrate ur bdae..
enjoy ur dae!!><

Anonymous said...

HOPE YOU'D HAD A GREAT ONE W YOUR LOVE ONES :) thanks for always giving away things to your readers :) and thanks for always updating your blog! its already a habit to always read your blog haha yep happy birthday again!

Cherie said...



Anonymous said...





Caszlin ^^,

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Rachell!!! Enjoy your day!! :) I really want to win something from this giveaway and I've never participated in a giveaway before as I'm always so shy :/ but the items that are up for giveaway are so pretty so I'm giving it a go!! Hope I'll be one of the winners but if I'm not at least i gave it a try :) Thank you! <3

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! :) Just recently got to know about your blog but looking forward to more tiny flag episodes! Have fun celebrating! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday pretty!! Please have confidence in yourself without make up & not ever let those nasty people affect your decision of going for plastic surgery. You're doing it for yourself & for people that will care for your happiness!

"Those that mind, don't matter. Those that matters, don't mind." :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! :) Thanks for organising another giveaway, everything looks awesomeee! Hope I'll be one of the lucky 30 winners, teehee <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachell. Happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

hi rachell!
happy birthday ^^ :)

Neal :) said...

Happy Birthday!! :D
Enjoy yourself and have a blast okay!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday ;)

May all your wishes come true ^^
Hope u enjoy yr days..

Most importantly. Stay happy always :)) hehe

~SiGnInG OfF~

Leora said...

Hi Rachell :) Happy Birthday love. Stay happy always and have a blessed day ahead! God bless and I love you ;) X


K▲ΨL|☊ △L∈★|▽ said...

Happy birthday! It's 3am already and the birthday girl still not in bed? :) Well, a very happy birthday to you. I've been following your twitter, liked your page on Facebook and constantly checking your blog. I really like the fact that you're daring to teach and show us how your make up is done and all, despite your skin condition. :) The blogshops you've wrote on/ helped to advertise are really great. Most of them are of affordable prices too. Really appreciate you and you blogging all these advertorials. Love ya! Once again, happy birthday! ^-^

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rachell,
you've been an inspiration to many girls <3
continue to share more good deals with us and happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Hey babe! I love reading your blog so much! Been reading since my friend told me bout your giveaway! I never really participated in a giveaway cuz I feel paiseh to do so. Anyway, your way of blogging makes me adore and enjoy reading your blog! I loveee those red heels very much. Been seeing it around at blogshops but I don't have the $ to buy ):

I will be looking forward to your upcoming posts! Am always reading but I don't really comment cuz I feel shy! I hope you have a HAPPY AWESOME BIRTHDAY! if i win, I'd be super happy! <33


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday babe, haven't won anything from a give away or a lucky draw, perhaps you will let me win one?

Cheers, have a blessed birthday.

Eunice Lovepeacehope said...

Happy Birthday Rachel ! :D do more makeup tutorials please <3 ! luv your blog posts and rec blogshops <3

Ashley Tan said...

Happy birthday Rachel!!! *\(^o^)/* Hope you have a blast today with your birthday celebration!!! Reading your blog has been a great joy and I will keep reading on! Stay awesome and beautiful ;)

Kaliesa nkx. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHELL BABE!!!! <3 been your avid blog reader since last year, hahaha :) I hope you still remember me! hehe :D I'm kaliesa by the way! But anyway, Have a blast on your birthday! :D

once again, HAPPY BIRTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHDAY! *eggcited* hehe <3 <3 <3

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Just wna let you know that you're pretty just the way you are! No matter how deep your eye bags are, know that people still luv you for you! ^^ have a great birthday babe!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday ^^

May all your wishes came true ^^
hope you enjoy your days.
Mostly importantly stay happy always ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel ! Don't worry about your dark eye circle and eye bags because from young I have it already like you! So we're like on the same boat lol. Anyway Happy birthday !

P/s: You and your boyfriend are really matching, saw you guys before in real life :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday rachell !!!! <3<3 I just started following and reading ur blog !! & u got me hooked ! Hahaha . You are awesome !! Hope u have a enjoyable birthday !!! Many love , Michelle

Jill Lim said...

Sang-il ch'u-k'a-ham-ni-da!

Ashleigh said...

Happy Birthday babe. :) Hope to go out w you again ! xoxo.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Just purchased the monster cardi from you a few days back! Looking forward to receive it heh :)

Thanks for all the awesome videos/tutorials/blog posts/advs! ^^

Lastly, have a blessed birthday

Overratedpeace said...

Happy Birthday!
Luv reading your blog,continue to stay blogging and with pretty photos! Have a great birthday,beautiful^^

Jie Ting said...

Happy Birthday to you! :D


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday rachel!

It's been a great pleasure coming across your blog, because I find out great great blogshops from you and some beauty tips of course! And its refreshing to have someone who genuinely wants to help us readers find awesome pretty clothes and help the blogshops thenselves promote their products. Thank you for all your help rachel! Hehehe. We all want more more moreeee! <3


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, happy birthday!! :D

Joey ong said...

Happy 20th Birthday To You! (Pxdkitty) <3

I would say you are the best blogger who gave us the most tip of cheap stuffs ~ chio stuffs everything ! You are a totally interesting blogger! I guess everyone agree too!

If they don't I'm gonna 'BOX' them! •^^•

Whenever i wanna buy something the first i would thought is you!

Is your Birthday and you think of us readers too! Omfg I appreciate alot! I love you lah! And your blog <3

* I would really love to get the red red angel sandals *
If I won <3

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rachell! :D stay prettyyyyyyyy and enjoy your day!

With love,

Anonymous said...

Couldn't wish you on your fb or twitter cos my acct's private :(
Have a great day! hehehe! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey rachell! Happy birthday to you! I've always wanted to tell you that I've been reading your blog since years ago when you had your scene hair but I stopped reading some time back, now I'm glad I found back your blog and you're so famous already! I'm reading your blog everyday. You're beautiful! And I'm really grateful for your skin care help, the nixoderm cos it really helped my skin alot! Happy birthday once again! Stay awesome as ever!


Anonymous said...

Hey rachell! Happy birthday to you! I've always wanted to tell you that I've been reading your blog since years ago when you had your scene hair but I stopped reading some time back, now I'm glad I found back your blog and you're so famous already! I'm reading your blog everyday. You're beautiful! And I'm really grateful for your skin care help, the nixoderm cos it really helped my skin alot! Happy birthday once again! Stay awesome as ever!


Khad said...

Happy birthday handsomegirl!
I love all of your selling posts but I couldn't afford it hehee :3 I'll make sure I save more money to buy stuffs from you okay ~
Hope you'll have a blast today and enjoy your birthday <3
Stay sexy and pretty and awesome n____n
btw you still look gorgeous though you have eyebags. You're just pretty the way you are ! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope u enjoy ur birthday:)

AnnQi said...

Happy Birthday! <3 hope you enjoy your day~ :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Rachell! Enjoy your day alright! & you're so generous to have such a big giveaway! :) I really can't miss it cause all your items are so pretty! Love you babe! <3

Anonymous said...


I don't exactly know you and stuff but you seem really nice always having giveaways and stuff. And bytheway I loved your post about appreciating your parents (: been there, done that. I don't get why people like to learn things the hard way :/WHOOPS RANDOM HAHA♚ okay nevermind teehee just have a blast on your big day alright!

To ∞ and →

Unknown said...

Hey,sweetie. Love you ttm cause you you giveaway such wonderful things to us. <33

Tabby said...

Happy Birthday Rachell! I just wanted to take some time to tell you how much I've been loving well, you! You inspire me in the sense of your style. I love your edginess! Everything you wear I just feel I NEED to have them!

Although I just recently discovered and read your blog, I kinda feel I've known you for a long time! Haha. I love your personality very much and how kind you are! Giving away so much stuff although it's your birthday!

Anyway, not to make this a long compo, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and all your wishes come true! <3 <3 <3

I will forever support and love you! :D

Here's my email for the giveaway : Thank you.

jiawei said...

omg i want!

thanks dear! hope you enjoyed your day!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you~ you were born in a zoo~ you are still wearing diapers~ how shameful of you~ haha I'm kidding, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PXDKITTY RACHEL! ^^ Hope you have a great birthday and may your all of your days be as amazing as today :)


Hey Rachell !

I've read your blog for quite a long time! And I had almost read thru all the posts you have posted , I enjoyed reading your blog as there are many deals for us girls, which helped me saved quite a lot of money! , and many pretty stuffs, food, and places to visit!
I enjoy watching tiny flag a lot! Martin & you are so matching!
You're awesome and pretty :))

I hope you'll have a great day today! ♥

♥, Shi Ting. :)

▲ NATALIE.W said...

Actually, i don't really think you should give things away on your birthday. People should be giving you things instead, since its your birthday after all! But anyway, hope you enjoyed your day! ^^

Happy birthday again, gurl!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ! :D
Continue uploading more videos on Youtube ! (:
I've learnt alot from you, you're amazing! C:

Have an awesome birthday !


Anonymous said...

Hey dear, just dropped by to wish you a happy birthday! Hope you have a splendid day ahead and may all your wishes be granted :)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Rachell! Been (somewhat) reading your blog since your scene days; I think that was around 2008? Your dressing style has slightly changed but you are still as good-looking as ever! Stay awesome and pretty!


Anonymous said...

Hey rachell! Happy happy birthday, enjoy ur day and continue to stay pretty (:

Anonymous said...

Oh Rachell, it's your birthday! I've always wondered what cool, awesome people do on their 21st birthdays y'know. Now I'll know when you blog about it! :D you're a really down to earth blogger, one of the few bloggers that hasn't let fame go to their head. Idol of many girls, me included. So anyway have a great birthday babe! Happy 21st! <3

Anonymous said...

you have always been so generous on giveaways and now even on your birthday , you give presents instead of people giving you presents! HAHA ! your frequent blogging on fashion and even wholesale shops are part and parcel to show that you are really a great girl who loves to share : > stay happy always ! : )


(LL) said...

I love your blog, thank you for the constant updates~ I think you're great at dealing with everything from hateful comments to compliments! Hope you get lots of love and presents (hello kitty? ^^) and have a great day ahead! You're older, wiser and prettier already!! ♥

Love, Bex

Anonymous said...

Hiiii. <3
H A P P Y B I R T H D AY R A C H E L L ! ☺☻

You're beautiful. <3 thanks for sharing all the awesome blogshop and your beauty tips.

OH YES! Hope that you enjoyed your day and lastly stay young & pretty. <3
Have a blast one, xxx.
xoxo. ☺

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rachell! ^^

Although I only started reading your blog beginning of this year, so I cant claim to know you as well as other readers. But, I really love reading your blog cos its so interesting and all. I love the clothes you recommend, especially leopard prints stuff. It's so nice to finally see someone who likes that as well cos none of my friends like it.

Im just trying my luck for this giveaway cos ive never won any before, and im not really expecting to win haha. Just felt like telling you how I feel cos im too shy to communicate with you on fb or twitter so I rather be a silent reader haha.

Stay young and pretty always babe! <3

Anonymous said...


*send angel to give you happiness
*sprinkle the happiness powder over you

hehe <3<3

Yuiinyan said...

Happy Birthday~~
You're my idol you know that? You're pretty, you're smart and you have a freaking awesome and funny personality. You're also really honest about yourself too~ ^^ Anyway, you've helped me a lot, be it in beauty tips or just making me smile with the funny stuff you post. ^^ Thank YOU! and happy birthday again~
love ya~

Anonymous said...

Hi babe happy birthday to you. Stay forever pretty yeahs. And last long tgt w your lovely boy. ^^
Hope you and your boy get married soon. Hehe!!
anyway I have alr follow you in twitter(FionaNorman) hope you would follow me bk too. Once again happy birthday and pls have a wonderful day and enjoy your day ahead.

W love Fiona. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Rachel! Hope you truly enjoy your birthday celebration & all the best for your future endeavors!

With regards,

Anonymous said...

happy birthdae!! hv fun out party todae!!!
6th is ur bdae,7th is my 2nd girl bdae n 8th is my bdae!!!
gosh!!! our bdae is all jus 1dae apart!!! sweet~~~

Anonymous said...

Just a simple birthday wish to you, because i believe every wishes makes that lil difference (:

Happy birthday Babe.
Have a blast (:


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday babe!!!! ^^ <3 have an enjoyable birthday!:)
You will always be my favourite blogger! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey , happybirthday pretty!! Have a blast and all the best .
Hope you've a enjoyable time celebrating your birthday with your loves ones:) You're awesome !!

Withloves , Yuenyung
Email :

Anonymous said...

Hi pxdkitty! It's now 9.06am!! So it's august 6! Hope you have an enjoyable birthday! Stay happy and pretty! Totally love it that you are willing to share your make up tips and where you buy all your cheap and chio stuff!
Have a blast on your birthday! ^^

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday rachell! ^^ hope you enjoy yourself today! :) take care and wishing you the best of health! :)

CandyStephaniek'♥ said...

Happy Birthday! :D God bless! :D
Sheng ri kuai le!

Amanda said...

Hi Rachell!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! <3
Thank you babe for even organizing such an awesome giveaway for us, your readers, even on your birthday!:)
Hope you have a great great day and many days to come!!! Loving all your posts!

Once again, zhu ni sheng ri kuai le!! Ü

Heh stay pretty and awesome!
Always supporting you,
Amanda :)

Anonymous said...

Happppppppyy bdayyyy dear rachell !!!
I like it that your so fun and funny !
Enjoy your big day alright! <3


Jeolyn The Loveliest ♥ said...

Happyyy Birthday Rachell! Stay pretty and lively! You've been my inspiration to be a better blogger! I'll see myself in your shoes a few years down the road! Though I'm not as attractive as you, but you gave me the confidence! Thanks bbg! xoxo

Have a blast on your birthday with Martin and your family! :D

ѕzзкі♔ said...


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Rachell! Hope you have a great time spending with your family and Boyf (: anw, I've followed your twitter. You wasn't too happy.. Cheerup uh! Today is your birthday you shouldn't get angry over stuffs. Hope ou receive alot pressies! <3 hope you get more advert. So you can update more! ^^

Chong Shi Hui said...



Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL !!! <3<3<3 Love reading your tutorials and your post, it seem to become my hobbies reading it everyday :) Really thanks t you, i learn alot. I also know more blogshop that sell really nice clothing ! :) Wish you have a nice day today celebrating your birthday ! hopefully i can win something this time . :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forget to leave down my email. :)

[[candy`]] said...

Happy Birthday Rachell!:)
Enjoy your day and keep smiling, don't get upset over weird stuff or people who makes your life miserable or whatever, because I think you're great just the way you are <3
Can I send you a present for your birthday? Even though it'll be late :p

Lots of love,

gwynk ♡ said...

hi rachell :) been quite an avid reader of your blog and admire everything that u do/put up with/ur mannerisms:)

happy birthday and hope u enjoy today without any worries from any unnecessary things! u should know u are gorgeous in ur own way and haters gna hate;D


Sheryl Teo said...

Hello! Firstly , happy birthday !! <3 you're like one year older already! But it's okay! Still as pretty as ever right? I really love to read your blog!! :D you're really friendly too ! Hope you will hve a really great birthday bash , and hope to see you soon! God bless and 生日快乐!! <3

Sheryl Teo said...

Oh and sorry! I forgot to put my email! HAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

My birthday falls on 5th so just nice when the clock struck 12am, my birthday is over and there comes your birthday! ;D 21st birthday is important, so hope you enjoy yourself and lastly stay happy always. You would continue be our inspiration and we as your readers will continue to give you our support;)
Loveyou rachell! Continue to rock on!

Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday To You !
Happy Birthday To You !
Happy Birthday To Rachell !
Happy Birthday To You !

Have a great blast on your big big day today! Stay Pretty & Sweet. And last long with your Sweetest Boyf! Once Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ♥

With Love,

coldkohmew said...

Happy birthday!!! said...

Happy birthday babe!
Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to Rachell~
Happy birthday to yoooooo!
Hehe See I so good sing birthday song to you!

Stay pretty okay?! Don't believe anyone who says you're not 'cause you're just too awesome for haters to hate!!

By the way, you're so generous. Usually people suppose to receive presents during their birthday but you're giving out presents instead(:

Anonymous said...

Hi babe firstly happy birthday!!! I'm glad I came across your blog & I nvr regretted it. Stuck to your blog like almost everyday Lol ! But you're damn awesome!! Love the way you dress & everything ! & of cuz you're not fake like some other popular girls are. I love your blog!! And I support you doing plastic surgery!! Cuz I want to do also !! :( lastly have a awesome birthday tonight!!!! <3 your loyal reader!!!! <3!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pxdkitty, Happy birthday to you!! Have a blast!! Stay pretty as always!


Anonymous said...

stay pretty always! and keep teaching us how to be so awesome like you, and keep giving us excellent deals & intro nice blogshop for us! love you advertorials, and of course your tiny flag vids too! and lastly, last long with martin! *jealous of his handsome-ness* hahahah! HAVE A GREAT BLAST TODAY, enjoy yourself! <3

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday babe! Stay pretty and continue sharing awesome stuff on your blog! :) My birthday happens to fall a day after yours!


Anonymous said...

First of all, happy b'day kitty xoxo. (:

Totally love your blog <3
I'll always come back almost once every 2 days to see if you have updated or not. Love how you do adv for other blogshops, telling us girls where to get cheap & affordable loots ^.^ & love love love that post about how you DIY your feather earring :)

Have a great day ahead <3
With lots of love, ^.^

Shing-E said...

Happy birthday Rachell!
So kind of you to do a giveaway for us readers even when it's yr birthday! Instead of people giving you gifts, you're doing the opposite. Still, i hope i can get something cuz my birthday falls on August too! Last but not least, have a great one :)


Anonymous said...

Why are you so nice!!!! >_< You're like the prettiest and nicest girl out there! Anyways, most importantly happy birthday!(: <3

I read your twitter and it seemed as if at the start it didn't go so well, but I hope things worked out after that!


Serene said...

Happy birthday sweet candy! Have a great day celebrating~ Hope that no one will piss you off this birthday & more good wishes coming true for you :)


Serene said...

Ooops, i think i forgot to input my e-mail address when i'm typing wishes for you :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Rachell! 
Happy birthday to you.

Babe, have a memorable and blasting birthday this year because you are officially 21. Hope I can have something for your giveaway (:

     アンジェラ ♥ said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! <3
Hope all your wishes come true (:


Anonymous said...

Hey Rachell,
Happy Birthday to you! :D
Hope you will enjoy your birthday today and you are a AWESOME blogger!! <3<3

Anonymous said...

happy birthday rachel :)

Anonymous said...


Alicee said...

Happy Birthday Rachell!!! :D Hope you have an amaaazing one cause you definitely deserve it :) xx

Anonymous said...


was really excited to read your blogpost about your birthday and you surprised me with your birthday giveaway! you're so generous and sweet!!

stay awesome & have a good birthday! :D

VANESSA! said...

Happy birthday Rachell!<3
Enjoy this very special day with your loved ones! 
Stay pretty, gorgeous and lovely always!^^ 
And don't ever give up blogging, because I love everything you post! and your blog is one which I frequent the most!:>

You have inspired me in many many ways(': 
From being an individual who is afraid of being herself in society to someone who isn't afraid to express herself and be a unique individual!
Thank you being such a lovable and inspiring individual!<3


Michelle Andrew Nicole said...

Happy birthday Rachell! <3

Nathalie said...

Happy Birthday Rachel ! Hope youh can upload more tutorial ! Love watching them , they seriously do help me ! ^^

Emily said...

Happy birthday Rachell!!! Loving all your blogpost and I swear you're the nicest blogger I have ever read! Enjoy your day dear!!
Love, Em.

angela go said...

left u a bday message at twitter too :D
s.a.e.n.g.i.l chukahamnida~ <3 u foreva~

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday pxdkitty! <: I'll always love your blog link, unique and cool! you're really influential! ^v^


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday pxdkitty! <: I'll always love your blog link, unique and cool! you're really influential! ^v^


wenyi, SAPPHIRE said...

Happy birthday pxdkitty! <: i'll always love your bloglink, unique and cool max. d: thank you for always helping me via your tutorials! <:


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday pretty \ ( ^ o ^ ) /

Enjoy your special day with Martin :)

With loves,

Shinn said...

Hi rachell!

Happy Birthday! You are so bless with such a good boyfriend! Hope you stay happy always! ^o^

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday sweetie! :D
Have a blast okie ^.^

#FOREVERreadingyourblog. :)

JeanY. said...

Happy birthday !
I love reading your blog, and watching your tutorials^^ hope you enjoy your great day ahead and may your wishes come true! ^^


joon said...

Happy birthday !
Hope you had a great time on your birthday !
I'm a daily reader of your blog and I must say you're pretty awesome. (Pretty and awesome ) Hahahahah

Ting Lin said...

Hi sweetie, seems like it's someone's birthday yeah. Have a good weekend alright. It's sucha great thing your mama gave birth to you. Thanks to that i get to know such awesome person and her boyfriend should be every guys inspiration to treat girls better haha ;)
That's all, *goodbye kiss* mwah <3

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Rachell, have an amazing one ;)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy this day of yours to the fullest okay!

&&&please stop thinking you're ugly!!

yours truly

Si Ling said...

Happy Birthday, Rachell!
You have been a dedicated blogger,
and I enjoy reading your posts and learning tips from you through your tutorial :)

Enjoy your special day!

Love, Si Ling

Yeeteng said...

Happy Birthday Rachell! :D
Stay prettyyyyyyyy and enjoy your day!

sheena said...

Hey Rachell,
I ain't commenting for the giveaway.
The main objective of my comment is to pass a message to you. :)
I just wanna wish you a happy 21st birthday. Carry on rockin' with pxdkitty. It's one of my fav blog. :D Have a blast. Take care and Stay pretty and healthy always.


Huijun said...

Happy birthday kitty rachel!! :)
ur blog is so effing cool and hotzzz!
Continue to be so awesome to share with us so much awesome stuffs!
(o'.'o) _/
(u u)_/
Hehe,hope u stay as cute as a pika!!!

Yiling , ♥ said...

Hey Rachell, Happpy birthday!
Have been following your blog since last year and your each of your blog posts are getting interesting as time goes by! And the same goes to your tutorials. :)

All the best to you and have a good birthday!


Angie said...

Happy Birthday Rachel :)

Its really generous of you to give us presents while its your birthday!! Hope you enjoy your birthday!!

Take care :) <3

Anonymous said...

happy birthday love :) started reading your blog only this year after my classmate introduced to me & I love it, honestly. I love how you're always so humble and willing to share so many things w your readers. Very rare bloggers are like this. & you're also willing to take time out to do videos of makeup etc & even places to go (OMGAWDD). *2 thumbs & 2 toes up* you & Martin are so cute together :( may y'all overcome all obstacle & last long. Hehehhehhe. I've never entered a giveaway before hahaha so this is my virgin giveaway. Not bullshitting~ hahahaha

Plus the best thing bt you is that you don't try too hard :) you're likable just the way you are.

May you have an enjoyable bday! Hehehehe tho sg is so small hahahahah. *blows bday kisses*


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!! :)

Enjoy your birthday date with your boyfriend and family alright! Have a blast okay! And I simply adore your blog and stay awesome!! :)

This is the first time I'm participating in your giveaway and it's really cool and sweet of you to think of your readers when it's your birthday!!

Your avid reader, Samantha!!! :)

Kazumi said...


HUIJUAN said...

happy birthday girl!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself on your birthday! You're amazing :-) <3

Anonymous said...

HEY RACHELL! Happy 21st bithday ^_^
And... i share the same birthday as you! Cool huh ^_^!!

Anonymous said...

Happy big 21st, Rachell!
Looking forward to the next girly outing so that I can meet you you in rl :)
Have a wonderful birthday!

With love,

Anonymous said...

HIIIII RACHELL ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE ! Hehe have a good one ! And I really hope to win something! :)

<3 ! !

Gladys said...

Happy birthday :)
Beautiful photos and cool videos . Last long with you boyfriend and keep updating ;)

Yu Ying said...

Hey! I wanted to wish you happy birthday on Facebook but I couldn't post :( I suppose it's to prevent the haters from commenting? Damn those people. And why are you having a giveaway on your birthday? Shouldn't we be giving you presents??

But nevertheless, here's a BIG BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! (though impossible to be as big as the birthday card your bf gave you. Makes us all so envious of you! Hehe when I showed my friend she went "I WANTTTT!!")

By the way, cause I hardly comment, I guess I haven't told you that I think you are like Lady GaGa - daring to be yourself! Whenever I feel self conscious, I'll think of you and Lady GaGa to tell myself that I should not be afraid to be who I am. We may not be accepted by everyone but we're awesome in our own ways :) I'm still learning though, cause I'm not as courageous as you are. I know the haters are damn annoying, but don't stop being brave like you are now!

Oh wow how naggy I've been in my comment. Here's wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!! Have a really great 21st alright! <3

Kellybei said...

Happy birthday babe!! Hope you would enjoy your birthday todayyy!! Thanks for always bringing us cheap and good stuff and always making the girls smile while reading your blog!

Smiles and stay prettyy alright!!!


Xoxo. Kellyyyy

Tian said...

Happy birthday rachel. <3 :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one :) <3

mindfrEak said...

Happy birthday rachel!
you are who you are..know that people still luv you!

Claire said...

HappyBirthday! <3

Xuewenz said...

Hey lovely! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY! Hope you have a blast with your family, boyfriend, or friends! Have been following your blog and 'needtosell' for awesome apparels. And thanks to your recommendations, my closet is almost full now! Kekekeke ♥ ^^ Really thankful for chancing upon your blog. Since then, I read it everyday, regardless of whether you blogged or not! To be honest, you're like the awesome-est blogger I've ever seen ^.<

Stay pretty and fantabulous! Kekekeke love you max! ♥♥♥♥♥

With love,
Xuewenz (

Anonymous said...

Hello! (: I have been your blog reader for more den a year. Thanks for sharing those beauty tips you have! & I also love reading ur posts, videos & tutorials. Stay pretty ^-^ & happy birthday! <3!

spongebobfan said...

Hello!! Happy birthday rachell! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! :D

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! :) Stay gorgeous and awesome okay? <3 Love your tutorial videos and tips, cos they really help ^^ Love reading your blog (: Stay happy always. ^^


Lena레나♥ said...

Lena레나♥ said...

Happy birthday :) stay pretty

Anonymous said...

happy birthday (:
生日快乐 (:
생일 축하 (:
วันเกิดแฮปปี้ (:
ハッピーバースデー (:

hope you will have an awesome one, you rock girl.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!

I hope you have an awesome day with your loves one and lastly, i hope your wishes may come true! <3

Kimberleen Xue(:!

Aylna said...


Mel said...

Hey rachell!
If all comments stop after me, I will have almost 100% chance of winning. HAHAHAHA. Okay la, I was just kidding. Anyway, all the best in your further endeavors, whatever it may be. :)


Agnes Aw said...

Happy Birthday! :) Hope you enjoy yrself during yr birthday. ;D

Shijie Tay said...

Blessed birthday rachell pxdkitty!!!

Have been reading your blog for YEARS now (stalker much hehe) and I will never get tired of looking through your pretty non-photoshopped photos and your tutorials!

Stay happy and skinny ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, happy birthday woman! :> You're great.

P.S. I thought we were supposed to be the ones GIVING you birthday prezzies, so why are you giving away things? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday beautiful! :)
Stay happy and last forever with your boy. Do continue to help your readers find amazing apparels and share them with us! <3

Much love,

Augustina Park said...

Happy birthday, sweetheart! Keep this short and sweet.

Loving your blog like always.

Marsha said...

Hi Rachell! Since the day I came across your blog, I never once stopped reading it! Others may say it's stalking but I'm just admiring you! Hehe. You're so pretty (don't deny it haha) & you inspire me plus many other girls! Happy Birthday! <3

With love, Marsha.

Anonymous said...

Hey babe, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Although i only came across your blog a few months ago, but i've already been addicted to it ever since. I totally love your tiny flag videos and also the makeup tutorials you do on your hair and makeup! Also, through your blog i get to know many blogshops which sells really cheap but nice stuff, so, thank you so much! :) Most importantly, i hope you've had an awesome birthday and stay pretty always. ^-^
♥, Jewel

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Rachel♥

i always looking forward seeing your new post up and different kind of blogshops you intro to us. love the way you DIY your clothes :) you rock the world seriously :P you are someone who willing to help us readers to find awesome clothes and help with some beauty tips also help blogshops to promote their products. i want to see more new post , new tips from you :)

enjoy your day ♥
birthday girl ♥

Anonymous said...

Happy birthay Rachel! :)
I love reading your blog, all your beauty tips were useful for me too!
I'm sure you will gain more viewers as time goes by, continue to inspire others, don't give up! :) Hope you'll enjoy your day, have a blast!


Anonymous said...

Hellos happy birthday ! Hope you stay happy everyday (:

Email :

Dhar said...

Hi Rachell, I've been following your blogs for nearly three years already. I've noticed how you've grown as a lady, as a person and as even a lover. Also, you're fashion trends may change but your inner character has stayed strong and withstood the tests of time. You are a beautiful woman inside and out. You have shown it through your talent in photography, creativity in blog posts as well as in studies. I feel proud to have known you in this way because you're a role model to girls of today. You may be modern but you still stick by your values, goals and morals. That's something that a lot of people lack in these days. So with that, I just want to wish you a pleasant and fabulous birthday. Have fun and keep those posts coming.

Anonymous said...

hii pretty babe! really love your awesome blond happy and lastly remain awesomg !all the blogshops u helped advertise have really great and awesome clothes!it let know me whats the latest trend and kinda improve my fashion taste! haha :D Love the way you blog abt ur own feelings and stuffs. i wanna wish u happy happy birthday on your special day! stay pretty always!

XOXO!! x3

Eliza said...

Happy birthday rachell! :D

<3, jiahui

CLARISSA :) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! ^______^ Not posting this comment just for the giveaway, sincerely wishing you a happy birthday! :D (So you can skip this comment for the giveaway). Lol. Btw, tiny flag is really intersting and take a chill pill whenever you're angry. (Twitter) Enjoy your day and share with your readers how you celebrated your b'day!! ^^

Roshinah said...

Happy Birthday Babe <3


Janetinaplanet said...



I don't care if you grow old or what, I WILL STILL LOVE YOU FOREVER <3

Anonymous said...

hi rachell :D
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! HOPE YOU WILL HAVE A GREAT ONE! btw the card your bf gave to you was damn awesomeeeeee. he's so sweet to u la!! youre a really lucky girl heehee. just wanna say youre really generous to be giving away so much stuff on your birthday!! when its suppose to be the opposite where others give u stuff! hahaha. i really love reading your blog as its really exciting whereby you have outings where we get to meet new people and YOUUUU and u also have MANY MANY MANY giveaways and not forgeting YOUR TINY FLAG VIDEOOOOOO where u share all the makan places and fun places heehee. and and you will always share with us where u get all your nice clothes from and not selfishly kep it to yourself. thats what i love about u man haha. always sharing all the awesome stuff with us!! love u TRUCKLOADS! <3

Anonymous said...

Hi babe! Happy 21st birthday! Hope you'll have a blast this birthday :D

Ps: I was the girl who called you at amk singpost! :) sorry I shocked you!

Anonymous said...

hi babe,happy birthday ! <3
May all your wishes come true !

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rachell! Have no idea whether you'd remember me but we used to chat on fb! I've been reading your blog for quite some time and you're inspiring to many people out there, trust me! So..take this day to know your own worth, and have a blast to celebrate the commence of an inspiring blogger like you!

Lotsa love,

Rachel. said...

Happy Birthday Rachell! ♥ Love reading your blog :)Learnt many beauty tips from your blog & videos. Enjoy your birthday and stay happy always.
P/S Last long with your boyfriend. ^^
Xx, Rachel.

JingenW said...


Hope you'll enjoy your day and have a blast! ^^

Really glad to know such a sweet and friendly blogger like you! :D Seriously have never came across any better blogger like you I swear. You're so nice till the extend that even though its your birthday, you're having a giveaway when you're supposed to be the one receiving gifts! Love reading your blog, do post more tutorials and tips in all sorts of different aspects and of course more ting flag videos because they're so cute and cool! Thanks for your tutorials, tips, giveaways, advertorials and tiny flag video! :)

Still my number one favourite blogger! ♥


YJ said...

Hi Rachell!!!!

First and foremost!



Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Rachell!
Happy Birthday to you!

May you spend your birthday very well today, and also,
have a blast okay!
Make it a special one, and ignore all those irritating ppl out there trying t provoke you kay!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Choose me, choose me!
U miss me out fr quite a number of giveaways alrdy! Didn't get t win though!!!! ):
'm th YJ that appear in yr commments when u going UStream. Heheheh!

Love ya, and Happy Birthday once again!!!!!

Huixian! said...

Pretty, happy birthday! :)
Hope you'll enjoy your special day!
Do come up with more tutorials hehehe. :)

With love, Huixian.

Anonymous said...

hi, happy birthday! :D

happened to chance upon your blog once, and felt that it was a nice blog. (:

enjoy your day! :D


yanping said...

happy 21st birthday LOVE :) ♥♥

Samantha said...

Hey rachel, have a blessed 21st birthday and have a blast cause 21 means so much :) HEHEHEHE YOU ARE FINALLY AN REAL ADULT YAY<3 I CANT WAIT TO BE 21 TOO :)
P/S I wasnt shouting when i typed in caps but i was so excited :P HEHEHE

Ee Pheng said...

Happy Birthday Rachell :) You would have alr received my birthday sis right. Thanks for being so nice! :')

Have a good one babe! :D

- Ee Pheng (

Janniesah said...

Happy birthday babe (: Hope you enjoy your birthday! You're my role model! Hehehe <3

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday ^^

May all your wishes come true, and stay pretty always <3


♔ Mingfang 15 said...


Anonymous said...

hi babe, happy birthday! im not trying to suck up to you but you're beautiful and loved, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. i know you may not be contented with your life, like not being rich enough, pretty enough or not good enough especially when people would judge you and stuffs like that, but you should be happy because many of us would have want to lead a life like yours. With such a nice boyfriend, good friends and family. Stay pretty and continue making videos and posting stuffs that we are thankful for as it is beneficial for us. Thankyou!

Ayi said...

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday rachell <3.
Hope you had a blast today^^. Looking forward to your next Post!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday :)

Elicia said...

Happy birthdayyy ! ♥

Anonymous said...

Hello Rachell! Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your birthday, anyway, love your blog. <3 I literally check your blog everyday for updates, check your facebook page. HEHEHE. Even started going to the older posts ever since I found your blog. *stalks*
Heheh. Doesn't matter if I don't win, I just wanna wish you a sweet happy birthday! ^^
P.S: I love all the tips and esp DIYS you have made! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello!!!! It's me again, qiqi your daily reader. Have Been posting comment in every giveaway but I don't seem to win anything. But it's alright, :)))) I'm trying my luck again!!

Firstly will like to wish you happy birthday. Rlly hope you have fun with your friends/bf/family tday. I read your twitter too. Just ignore that dumbfuck bcos your tiny flag is truly awesome, no joke. I love your tutorials so much Also. Heheee.

I hope I'll stand a chance to win. It's okay even if I didn't. Will still continue reading.

Fighting Rachel!!! <3 xoxo

Anonymous said...

:)) happy happy birthday! :))

Anonymous said...

Happy level up rachel !!! Hope you're enjoying your birthday right now!! Anyway , i enjoy watching tiny flag so much!! you and martin look so cute together !! Hope you continue making more tiny flags & introducing more blogshops!! I love you & your blog !! <3<3

Hope i'm the lucky winner! You rocks!

(: said...

Happy birthday! Stay pretty yo! (stop saying you're not pretty anymore, 'cos you are!) HAHA! Bestest birthday to you, enjoy your day! Love reading your blogs! Love Ya! <3

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you! Hope you have a good one :) Thanks for all the tutorials, awesome recommendations etc. Have been buying a lot from the websites u recommend, their services are really awesome and pretty items! :) Im now waiting for my baseball jacket to arrive hehe.

All the best to you! :)

Carol Ann said...

Happy birthday Rachel! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachell,

Happy 21st birthday! I know you have been complaining about how you dont have enough time to prepare for your birthday party or how horrible is your birthday week but i'd like you to know that everyone loves you especially God. He gave you pair of hands to type and start your blog entry and also make you who you are today - smart and friendly. Maybe you'd like to know, you really should stop calling other girls pretty and saying that your ugly. You are pretty! And i'm sure many people admire you.

Happy 21st again, and i wish you all the best in life. May all your wishes and dreams come true. Also, last long with Martin!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachell!

Hope you're having an awesome 21st so farrr! It's only the beginning of the rest of your life and you have a super sweet bf + great family + many girls like us who will support you always so keep basking in happiness coz today is your day!!!



Anonymous said...

Happy birthday rachell ! Enjoying your birthday now? :) I wanna thank you for always introducing awesome deals to your readers! I didnt try to win anything from your past give aways! but i'm gonna be thick skin & try it now! Hope you pick me! hehehe. I love reading your blog!! Hope you update it more often with alot of pretty clothes !! I'm your stalker hehehe! <3<3 You & martin look so perfect together!! Hope your last really long ! HAPPY . BIRTHDAY . GIRL ! <3

Amanda said...

Hi Rachell, happy birthday! ^^
stay happy & healthy! enjoy your special day & smile smile smile! (:

Seryna said...

Happy birthday :)
And wow you're so generous haha it's your birthday, it should be the other way way round, you receiving presents :L

Thanks x

Seryna Veng

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Rachell! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're v generous, always giving free stuffs to people! (: how nice and sweet! Hope you'll have a great day! And stay pretty~ :D

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! ^^

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