Saturday, August 27, 2011

Testing! Morning Sun

Sorry if it sounds weird, this is an original and it's our first time!!
(and we spent 1 night writing it)

Our first time recording using an IPHONE video mode lol!
wait for our better version if you like it ^^

if you hate it then it's okayyy :(

but please leave a comment and let us know what you think? ^^
cause like i said.... it's our first time!~~~

Morning Sun
Written by: Rachell PXDKITTY
Music by: Martin Belia

All that I ever do
Is miss you and brood
Wish you'd just talk to me
Anything's good

Your smile is on my mind
It won't let me rest at all
Never did I ever dream
For you I would fall

You are like the morning sun
In the middle of the rain
Darling, with a smile
You could easily rid me of my pain
I wish that I could be somebody to you

Just like a fairytale
You're the prince of my dreams
But right at the end of it
She's not me, it seems


All that I ever do
Is miss you and brood
I'm broken and bruised again
But my heart still chose you


okay so how Morning Sun came about was actually really impromptu.

it was cause i was hungry and started singing to my boyfriend (in the tune of Morning Sun)

Baby oh baby
I want some food
Baby oh baby
Anything's good

Give me a bowl of Laksa
Or some Char Kway Tiao
Baby I'm hungry
From my face you can tell

AND THEN my boyfriend said let's try to write a song

NEITHER of us have learned how to play the piano or taken music lessons before




szeki♔ said...

sound not bad, especially the first part! ;) continue to sing more ;) love it

Anonymous said...

nice ! (:

Anonymous said...

I'm not your hater but....
The composition of the song is nice,lyrics are beautiful.
But I think your voice is too sweet that felt disgusted listening. :x
I'm sorry if my words are too mean but, that what I feel.

Yu Ying said...

Hey the song's nice! Besides the quality of recording is bad we can't hear clearly :( do a proper recording! Then I can download and listen on my iPod ^^

Juhnehssah said...

It's nice ^-^ & anonymous "hater", you said you're not a hater but why say disgusted? Just say la you'll get goosebumps or smth -.- Wtf man.

Anonymous said...

I think that the lyrics are beautiful. However, the chords are too repetitive and also played too "heavily". Perhaps you could try breaking up the chords instead of banging on them and playing them a lightly?

Your vocals aren't that bad but kinda 'teh'. It'd be good if you could be louder because right now the piano accompaniment is over powering your voice.

Overall, i think that this is good effort! Hope to hear a better version of this soon! ^^

Anonymous said...

avoid using too much bi yin, def will sound better! :)) jiayou!

Anonymous said...

Something irrelevant but the title of your song reminds me of this ...

Anonymous said...

not too bad for a first timer!
the lyrics are meaningful!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's actually pretty damn good considering you guys have no music background!!

Anonymous said...

i think the second try the music is louder then your voice :-(

Anonymous said...

really really love love the lyrics! :')

TabbyLim said...

That was amazing!

JingenW said...

Your boyfriend self-taught/learnt how to play the piano? :o If so, how long did he learn?

Anonymous said...

she always like to 'teh' her voice what. she can't sing for god sake.

Qiannong said...