Monday, September 19, 2011

313@somerset FASHION+

Went to 313@Somerset the other day cause they were showing Singapore's FIRST ever Holographic Fashion Show!!! ^^

i like 313 cause of the huge multi-storey FOREVER21, ZARA, Cotton On, Uniqlo, and a lot of other brands that i buy from
there was once i attended a wedding dinner and was in super high HEELS and wanted to go out with my boyfriend after that,
so i very conveniently went to 313 to buy a top, shorts and a pair of shoes and went out after that hahah!

a lot of nice foot at 313 as well! there's this super good japanese grill meat place at level 1! ^^

And 313 is HUGE!
till today i still haven't finished browsing through all the shops yet~~

And for all the bubble tea lovers, your Gong Cha coming soon at 313 heehehe ^^

So anyway if you're keen to look a the Holographic Fashion Show right, you have to go to the Discovery Walk at 313 (follow the signs)

Step out of the door (yes it's outside)

And you'll see this little purple bubbles and you'll know you're near!

You will be able to see the side of this big big box and in front of it will be.....

the holographic fashion show!
it's a 3D looking projection of a model (looks very realistic) changing into different outfits to show you the latest items from the mall

quite cool right??
like a mix of technology with fashion!

a very good source for tips on how to mix and match your outfit as well cause you can see how the model puts on different accessories and apparels! ^^

anyway if you want to take a look at the cool holographic fashion show display, it will be there from
10 am to 11pm DAILY from 16th September 2011 till 25th September 2011!! ^^

And 313@somerset now has a few FASHION+ campaigns going on for 6 weeks! :)

FASHION+REVEAL is one of them, which will be from 1st October to 16th October where shoppers who spend a minimum of $100 will get a $10 voucher, while OCBC card members will qualify with just a minimum purchase of $80 ^^

Also, look out for their FASHION+DISPLAYS showcasing trendy outfits with accessories, bags, shoes and what not :) and there's a 30% discount on all items featured on those displays while OCBC card members get extra 5% discount!!! :D

And throughout this period, Facebook users who sign up for their mailing list via the Fashion+ event tab on will qualify for their weekly lucky draw!!!
3 winners will be picked every week (for 6 weeks) and they will win $50 worth of fashion vouchers each!!!

ooooh lucky draw!!! ^^ worth a try!!! :D

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J said...

I think you mean a lot of food at 313 not foot. Hehe. :)