Tuesday, September 27, 2011



Today I tried some really yummy cupcakes today baked by Lace :p
and the name of her page is BakedbyLace!!! hehehe EASY TO REMEMBER RIGHT!

She was also recently featured on QiuQiu's blog too ^^

I love how the packaging is white with tiffany blue colour, so simple yet elegant and classy!
i think even a little box of 4 cupcakes would serve as a really good gift!!

Clockwise direction:
Strawberries and cream, Nutella, Lemon Curd

Sea salt Caramel and Devil's food!

The names of the flavours pretty much describes what the cupcakes tastes like, no surprises here so you know exactly what you're going to order ^^

Strawberries and cream: Super soft and yummy batter! The cream tastes kind of like strawberry ice cream but i'm not really a strawberry person :(
Nutella: Heavenly! I'm a sucker for all nutella stuff and these nutella cupcakes are really orgasmic!!!
Lemon Curd: I like how the batter is not too sour and it's more fluffy and soft than the others!! ^^ The cream isn't too thick so I could finish it all!! :) Plus the little yellow flower on top of the cream is damn cute!
Devil's Food: Extremely sinful!!!! You know when people say "double chocolate"-something, i think this is like x5 of that haha! But don't be mistakened, it's not your usual sweet candyish sort of chocolate! This cake packs a load of pure and unsweetened fragrance of chocolate in it's little cup! Definitely good for real chocolate (which is actually slightly bitter) lovers, not the candy-chocolate lovers sort :p So if you like sweeter cupcakes, pick the nutella one instead! ^^

Sea Salt Caramel: This has DEFINITELY got to be my fabourite!!! ^^
The caramel is perfectly sweet with a tinge of saltiness, completed with the moist and fluffy batter!
To be honest, many people have been charmed by this flavour (i've seen people i know talk about it all over Twitter, Facebook, and even the people at SOLD.sg said so too!)
and it's really an out of this world taste that you can't get out of your taste buds cause it's TOO YUMMY!!!!
Now i'm craving badly for it, greatttttt~~~~

If you're keen in ordering from BakedbyLace to try out for a start,
The MUST TRY flavours (to make sure you're not missing out) would definitely be
Sea Salt Caramel, Nutella, and Lemon Curd!!! ^^

You can also contact Lace at bakedbylace@gmail.com :)
Confirm plus chop loved by girls and guys, young and old!!! ^^

(my boyfriend really liked the nutella one heheh)

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