Monday, September 12, 2011

Fabric Devour

This following blogshop should seem familiar to most of you :)
I've posted about them before in this post previously ^^

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Upon clicking on their new arrivals, I noticed some really prominent designs!!!
I love the strong shoulders in this piece! It gives the kind of stylish and empowered girl feeling!! ^^
And if you noticed, the model is wearing black all over but with this outer wear the entire dull outfit is instantly more attractive :)

Can't help noticing the sexy cutting at the back of this romper ^^ so nice!

Another strong colored blazer!
Colourblocking is the THING man!
It's everywhere!!! :D
Don't fall back!! This pink blazer is friggin amazing!
You can wear your favorite color to work, you can wear it to school for presentation, you can even wear it to town for a girls' night out!

Apart from their new arrivals, do also check out their Dresses, Tops, Bottoms and other sections for these pretty pieces from past collections!

Personally I really like strappy stuff and I think this dress is good enough for a school prom or party!!!
Number 1 mistake most girls make is to wear a gaudy GOWN to their secondary school prom, which make them look twice their age and will end up looking back on their photos and regretting. :x

Not forgetting their SALE section of course!!!
All these brightly colored high waist shorts, you definitely can't miss them!!! ^^
Plus it's now on SALE!!!! :)

Colours colors colors!
I love how FabricDevour brings in the latest trends in many different forms, dresses, shorts, outerwears, tops etc to suit every body shape and every one's dressing style :)

Catch on all the latest trends with FabricDevour!
Join their mailing list to get $1 off purchases!
Quote PXDKITTY to get another $1 off! ^^ yay!!!

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