Thursday, September 8, 2011

Japanese Inspired Make Up

Have you ever envied those Japanese gyaru girls with SUPER THICK and DEEPSET parallel eyelids plus their gorgeous doe eyes?

ShopOnBlog has all the answers to that, with their INSTOCKS of famous Japanese brand make up!!

And here's a tutorial on how you can achieve big doe eyes with deepset parallel eyelids!

Step 1: Place 2 double eyelid stickers, one on top of the other on clean eyelids

This will create bigger and more deepset eyes!

Step 2: I used Candy Doll's liquid foundation, followed by Candy Doll Concealer in 01 and finally the Candy Doll loose powder.

The coverage of Candy Doll's foundation is thick enough for me to cover my acne scars etc! I have uneven skin tone and all so this is damn good for me, yay!!! :D
Plus it doesn't feel too cakey on my skin too :)
I think this is the power of Japanese make up lor!!!!

And I believe our skin tones are closer to that of Japanese girls that that of Causasians! :)

Step 3: I've applied eyeshadow, in the fashion inspired by Japanese gyarus.

Starting from the inner corners of your eye, apply a white shimmery eyeshadow.
Moving towards the center of your eyelid, apply a light brown eyeshadow.
And finally, at the outer corner of your eye, apply a dark eyeshadow to make your crease more prominent! Also, I like to extend the dark eyeshadow in an outer V shape to create an illusion of larger eyes.

Step 4: Apply Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner in Black, thinner at the front and thicker at the end as you wing out your eyeliner.

I swear this is my FAVOURITE liquid eyeliner EVER!!!
It is SO EASY to apply, and the intensity is really dark even without using much strength and doesn't hurt my eyes at all!!! Unlike some gel or pencil eyeliners which hurt a lot after applying :(

Also, I've noticed that many Japanese girls tend to "extend" the inner corner of their eyes, to make their eyes look longer :)
And this is really difficult if you're not using DollyWink's liquid eyeliner.
Cause the tip of DollyWink's liquid eyeliner is REALLY FINE and can draw really PRECISE edges and designs!!! :)

Step 5: Apply falsies! :) Very very important step for dramatic eyes!!! ^^
How to get amazing eyes? By using Eyemazing lashes from :D :D

Comes in an extremely convenient packaging too ^^

Instantly more dramatic eyes!

Step 6: Finish off your look with Candy Doll lipstick (I'm using Ramune Pink) & Strawberry Pink blusher from

I like my blusher to be extremely obvious and pinkish cause it looks super dolly! I like :) :)

There you go! The final look! ^^

Some huge close ups of my face i took using my iphone~~

(squarish edge on the bottom right of my chin is a pimple, which my concealer managed to cover! LOL. and now it looks like i have a really angular face.... naise :s)

Hope you girls liked the look!!!


So.... Out of all the blogshops, why choose ShopOnBlog?

1. It's SUPER DIFFICULT to buy Japanese brand make up like Candy Doll and Dolly Wink in retail stores outside, online makes buying them so much easier!
2. ShopOnBlog's items are INSTOCKS!!! This means no waiting time!
3. They mail their items super fast too!!! Super efficient compared to many other blogshops selling Japanese make up~~~ LOVE THEM!
4. They are TRUSTWORTHY! So far, I've received all my items prompty in extremely good packaging :) My compact powder didn't crack, everything was in perfect condition!

So grab your instocks now before they all sell out ^^

These are make up MADE BY vain girls, SOLD BY vain girls, especially FOR vain girls like you and me!!!!
Eheheh ;)


Anonymous said...

hi, where did u get the red off shoulder top tt you're wearing in this post from?:)

Anonymous said...

can you show us a picture of the eyeliner? without the cover? like how does the tip look like? is it felt tip? cause i have single eyelids and cant seem to find a suitable eyeliner for single eyelids!

Anonymous said...

The products are amazing!! I can't seem to locate the loose powder on site ): can you help me pls? Is there any further discounts? I swear you are really pretty!!! This post gonna help a lot in covering my pimples too!!

Anonymous said...

hi. the eyeliner u applied, what if there's eye dirt then u take out, will eyeliner smudge? :(

Anonymous said...

hi. the eyeliner u applied, what if there's eye dirt then u take out, will eyeliner smudge? :(

Neal :) said...

What camera are u using?

Anonymous said...

hi can show how to stick double eyelid sticker? i tried but looks weird!