Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I had my fill of shopping at Hong Kong but I didn't get to post any shopping links for you girls :(

So here's one really awesome blogshop with a HUGE variety of items!!! ^^
You might remember them as I modeled for their bags collection before :) :)
And now they have SO MUCH MORE!!!
From ENTIRE COLLECTIONS of bags to accessories, to apparels and also novelty lifestyle products!!!!


I've browsed through their catalogue and love the wide variety of items they have to offer!
Although I haven't ordered personally from them this time round, I trust the owner to be responsible as I have met her myself before :) Plus she frequently updates the status of sprees to make sure her customers feel assured ^^

The best part....
Most of her fashion accessories sold at 3 for $10.00!!!!! ^^

Check out all all these pretty designs!!!

I swear I've seen this necklace sell at $20 at other blogshops!
This is the exact same necklace I wore to SBA 2011 dressed up as Cleopatra! ^^

There are also a selection of inspired earrings!!!!
Also 3 for $10 ^^

Apart from accessories, you'll also be able to find apparels that are mostly EXCLUSIVE!!!
Why dress the same as everyone else? Get these high quality material apparels from LovEien19 before they're all sold out!! :)

I am extremely particular about button shirts and they have to be of extremely comfortable material else i won't wear them!
I hate those cheap crinkly cotton type if you know what i mean :p

After all this time, I still think raglan tees are really cute ^^

Not forgetting suspender leggings at really affordable prices!!! :D

This pair of colorful cotton leggings would look really cute and comfy on a cold day :)

And yes! I haven't forgotten about LovEien19's lifestyle products! ^^

Whoever said thumb drives had to be boring and black?
Use this for your school projects and group works and you're sure to attract a lot of attention and maybe even get some extra points from your teachers! :p

For the true camera enthusiasts, this one's definitely for you if you need to transfer any files to people! :) :)

They also have adorableeeee iPad covers for grabs!!! ^^

these heart shaped sunnies are only at 8BUCKS!!! :D :D :D

OMG man look at all the colors!!!!! SUPER FRIGGIN PRETTY!!! X)
For me, I'll usually get like different colors and give my girl friends 1 color each like power rangers and we wear them together :p eheheh so fun!

After looking at all these pretty designs,
Are you tempted yet? ^^

Wait for my next Hong Kong posts okay!!!! ^^
This leopard furry hat with ears was one of my favorite buys from there eheheh :D
Will do a Hong Kong haul post soon~~~

Maybe you girls can also buy from LovEien19 and do a LovEien19 haul blogpost/video as a response to my haul post since they have so many many items for you to choose from!!! ^^
ehehhe that'll be fun!!!

Love you all!! ^^

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Anonymous said...

hi, the items sold at http://loveien19.blogspot.com are really nice. However i think the owner of the blogshop should check the grammatical errors on the page. :)