Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random Updates

Okay so here are some random updates from here and there just in case you people don't follow me on my Twitter! ^^

To make it easier to navigate around my page, I ADDED A FEW FEATURES TO MY BLOG!

#1 I added a SEARCH bar on the right hand side of my page!
So if you remember me blogging about a certain subject or apparel and you want to look for the link again, just type eg. "striped knitted top" on the search bar to get to the post :)

#2 I made the link of every individual post linkable!
This should make things easier for blogshops that have advertised on my blog to paste the links on their page :)

#3 I widened the width of the blog entry section and centralized the words. Is it easier to read now? Please let me know, would really appreciate it!!! ^^

#4 I linked the header image back to main page so in case you guys want to go back to my main page you can click on my big face at the top of the page :)


#5 I went for my 2nd facial at BeautiInstinct and will blog about how it went soon!
You can try searching for the words BeautiInstinct if you want to see my previous visits there hehe ^^

But i'll be keeping my hair and fringe up for the next few... idk how many weeks to prevent dirt from my hair from clogging up the pores around my hairline etc!

So please get used to this face:

#6 Wore my transformer necklace out today!!! ^^

#7 Wore my denim jumpsuit out today and got stared down by tons of people like a retard.
OKAY LOR~~~ :(

#8 Here's a picture of weixiang (@wxcason) caught off guard

#9 And here's a picture of BABY (@MartinBelia) looking totally feminine ehehehe!!!!!

#10 Here's a picture of me looking like a... nun? :/
cause i got no hairrrr~~~

Some updates on my experience with the La Sardina camera, read The Kitty with a Sardine Cam,

#11 I screwed up my first roll of films.... T.T

#12 wtf man totally screwed :/ and this was the allocated film for the contest... ohno T.T

#13 so i went to buy new films from a photo shop and ASKED THE WOMAN FIX THE FILMS IN FOR ME LOL!!!!

#14 tried out the second roll of film (finally i didn't screw up) and this is one of the test shots i developed~~~

Alright, will update again soon!!! ^^

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