Friday, October 21, 2011

Beauti Instinct #3

From my previous blog post about Beauti Instinct, you all saw this picture

And this is how my face looks like TODAY! :)
I don't know about you, but I'm slowly seeing progress on my face every time I visit Beauti Instinct!
As you all know, I'm not the kind of girl blessed with perfect skin. The kind that even if they don't wash their face they'll never get pimples sort.. Super jealous of people like that T.T
So yes, even with facial, my body will still produce oil and plus all sorts of crap i eat in my diet and make my face cui. But so far my complexion has improved a lot cause of Beauti Instinct! If you don't believe you can read all my older posts.

I guess now it's mainly red marks, not so much of bumps so it's way easier to put on my make up plus my skin seems to be less dry!

But what you didn't know is that 1 week of staying home and not putting on make up I had to endure to get my skin to how it looks like today~~
With Beauti Instinct, I choose to do this particular treatment (I don't really remember the name but I guess you could call them up and ask them what's the treatment Rachell did? haha)
and it left what looked like burnt marks on my face:

It was meant to minimize my pores cause I had a lot of congestion around the cheeks area but the only way to do it is to let newer skin surface and sort of "burn" the top layer. So yep!
I took the risk and it was worth it! Check out the above pictures of when my face healed properly! :D :D
Do be warned that there's a downtime of probably 3 days to a week. The treatment didn't hurt a lot, it was just some warm sensation, but the staying home and not being able to put on make up was tormenting for me ahahah!!

But I think it's worth it!
Cause my skin sucks donkey balls and I'd rather be ugly for 7 days and look better after than look ugly all my life!
And like I said before, I am NOT paid by Beauti Instinct, I paid $2xxx for my own 15 treatments and paid $7xx for the facial products I'm applying every day. All in hopes of getting nicer skin. I know it's not possible to ask for perfection but as much as possible I'd like to hope my skin improves as time goes by :)

Eh seriously, admit that it's a whole lot of improvement from my face was in March 2011... LOL

So yeah, because I love all of you and I know how important looks are to girls, I decided to do a self-paid for voluntary review of Beauti Instinct, cause I know some people are skeptical of sponsored reviews~~

If you girls would like to call for an appointment:

Contact Them

Phone & Opening Hours

Contact (main line):

+65 6733 9149

Contact (line 2):

+65 6738 4759

Business hour:11am - 10pm (Monday to Friday)
11am - 8pm (Saturday)

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

545 orchard road #03-14 far east shopping centre singapore 238882


Nicole said...

You should try potatoes! :D they are really good, they lightened my acne marks. You just get a potato, grate it, and mash it. They ask some one to apply it to your face because it's quite messy if you do it yourself! :) must put the water and everything! It's a cheap and good "mask". I heard that fresh, fresh garlic is good to apply on your pimples! :)

Anonymous said...

hello! i stumbled onto your blog when i was googling for Beauti Instinct reviews. Thanks for being so honest with your skin condition. You're really brave to put those before pics of your acne! like you i am still battling acne for a few years now. i read on your blog that u went to many specialists and doctors.. Mind doing another post on the places u went to get help? Im currently going to Niks Maple.. Have you been there before? Hope u reply this comment though this post is dated so long ago! and congrats to your new skin! :)