Friday, October 14, 2011

Dreams are just dreams

How often is it that you get a complete dream when you're asleep?
As in you know how the dream clearly starts and how the ending is like?

And because I had cramps today and slept the entire day away, I finally had a complete dream!!! LOL
cause i usually always get those that end abruptly and i will wake up wondering what the ending will be like

so i'm gonna share my dream with you guys ahahaha!!!!!


(disclaimer: all pictures do not belong to me, i got them from google)

So basically my family, Martin and I went on a small cruise and we had to depart from a jetty at Woodlands area.

Alongside our cruise was another one filled with foreign passengers.
No racism intended (i can't control my dream) but they were all speaking with a really strong Chinese accent.

So when the night came, the two cruises stopped nearby each other in the deep waters.
All was well until a huge thunderstorm happened.

The currents were extremely rough but not to the extent we capsized.
It was just just shaking up the cruise quite a bit and some people fell down.

Then all of a sudden there was a huge commotion coming from the neighbouring cruise.
They were surrounded by a swarm of sharks and you could see all their fins bobbing up and down from the water.

A Swarm of Reef Sharks off Malpelo Island, Columbia

What made things worse was that the foreigners didn't seem to be frightened by their presence.
Instead, they were THROWING FOOD down from the balcony thingy of their cruise, further increasing the excitement of the sharks.
And I could vaguely hear them shouting "Hey look, there are sharks!!!"

And then one of the woman got too close while feeding and BAM!!!!!

And the woman was lucky the teeth of the shark merely scraped part of her hand, which caused it to bleed profusely but didn't rip it off.
(something like the hand injury my boyfriend and I drew on with make up)

But with the scent of blood, the sharks are even more agitated now and they came over to try to knock over our cruise as well.

Everyone on the cruise was in a state of panic as things started falling and breaking and people lost their balance. It was hard to even get up the stairs, I would know cause in my dream I TRIED.
And random, but there was this announcement going on with a really alien sounding accent "Save the sildren (children)".

But we were told to stay in our rooms and keep as calm as possible to prevent any further injuries as the cruise was unable to proceed until the storm is over. The feeling of fear and uncertainty coupled with the roars of the raging sea alone was enough to kill.

Thankfully, the next morning, the storm has subsided but the sharks were still persistently swarming around the two cruises.

(and here comes some patriotic part)

The Singapore cruise, with the Singaporean crew being full of vigilance and intelligence, sped off into shallower waters towards Singapore, with the sharks still chasing behind.

And here comes the awesomest part!!!!
Even as our cruise headed towards dry land, no one was afraid we'd crash.

And as we hit dry land, reinforcements from the Singapore police force were already notified and they were travelling alongside our cruise to guide us to safety.
*plays some cool heroic music here*

And of course the foreigner's cruise followed behind our cruise and was safe too!!!
But in my dream I was extremely extremely glad I was a Singaporean ahahahaha

And then we ended up at the same jetty we departed from and my dad told us to get on a taxi and quickly and bring my grandmother home! ^^


P.S. No hatred towards sharks or foreigners were intended. It was just how my dream went okay ahahaha


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