Friday, October 7, 2011


Guess who just got an extreme makeover? ^^

Add them on their Facebook account:
One of the blogshops I keep in my BOOKMARKS!
Check out the screen shot of their awesomely cute new layout!
Adorable color theme plus the prices are easily seen at first glance for price-conscious shoppers! ^^
They always have EXTREMELY REASONABLE PRICES (EG LESS THAN $20??) for their chio clothes!!!
Quote PXDKITTY5 for $2 off $40 purchase!!! ^^

I know a few girls like this particular Chanel Inspired Leopard tie-back tee I wore to the previous FashionHook Home boutique...

Now you can get it at Fashion Hooks! ^^
In 2 different colors!
What I'd like to do is to tie it really tight so i can give an illusion of an hourglass figure heheh! :p

This 5Preview inspired slit back tank is damn nice too!!!!
Great for a casual date to town or for a shopping date! Cause when you go shopping you should always wear something less complicated to make it easier to change into stuff ^^
And good news, FashionHooks' latest collection is full of such comfy yet pretty designs~~~

Heheh, all my favorite Hello Kitty Teeshirts are always from Fashion Hooks!!! This is no exception ^^

Whoa and this HOLLISTER oversized tee caught my eye!!!!
awesome for days when you're too lazy to be bothered and yet still secretly still want to look good hahahah!!!

Now there's even a section for MALES!!!!!! :)
Not much guy blogshops around so this is a MUST to introduce to your boyfriends / guy friends!!!
Guys' apparels always so ex outside (like $40 per tee??)!
Shopping online is way cheaper man!

When you shop, shop smart and spend your $$ wisely, choose FashionHooks! ^^

Also, check out their ITEMS ON SPECIAL OFFER!!! Like $12, $16 etc!!! omg :D


FashionHooks will be very kindly sponsoring a few accessories for a Twitter giveaway! ^^

How to win:
1. Tweet with a CLICKABLE link of (you can tweet more than once)
2. Mention @fashionhooks @pxdkitty
3. Giveaway ends on 9th October 11.59pm and we will choose the winners! ^^

For example:
I love the apparels from!!! It's all so pretty!! :) @fashionhooks @pxdkitty

Good luck bbgs!!! ^^

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