Monday, October 10, 2011

Ghoulish Glow

Did you guys see my twitter on Friday? ^^ hehehe!!!

Rachell Tan

Rachell Tan
SOOO getting the glow in the dark nail polishes!! Who needs light sticks or finger light rings~~~ I CAN HAZ GLOW IN THE DARK NAILZ LOL

So I got the Haunting Halloween Crackle Set from SwagRShop!! ^^

And I received it today!~~

Check out the cool packaging!
Only $35 and it includes It's Alive, Ghoulish Glow, Crackle and a Fast Forward Top Coat
So that makes it less than $10 each! NAISE!
If you get it individually, it's about $10.90 each, still damn cheap lor! :D

It also comes with a guide as to how you can mix and match the nail polishes ^^

Super Halloweenish! MAJOR LOVE~~~

And my boyfriend was so excited to play with the Ghoulish Glow first ahahah!!!

It looks slightly pale and translucent (almost clear) when you apply it on so you can even pretend it's not there! (Wear it to school!!! :p)

But after "charging" it under the light....


And when you turn the lights out.....see his green glowing nails!!!
TADAH!!!!!! :D :D :D SO FUN OMG!!!!!!
Glow in the dark nail polishes are sooooo fking awesomeeee~~~~

(the more layers you apply the brighter the glow! we only applied 1 layer in this pic ^^)

Love this!!!!
We're sooooo gonna glow for Halloween!
With this, who needs lights sticks? LOL!!!

You can get these cool halloween nail polishes here:

What are you all gonna be this Halloween? ^^
Let me know in the comments below!!! :D


Also, SwagRShop is organizing a giveaway where 3 lucky participants will stand to win a full sized 14ml Ghoulish Glow bottle!!!! :D :D :D

All you have to do to join the giveaway is:
1. "LIKE" Swagrshop's FB page (
2. Share the CG Ghoulish Glow picture in the album under China Glaze
3. Print Screen and forward the page to

They will run the giveaway for a week till 15 October (Saturday) 11.59pm where winners will be announced and notified via email.

YAY!!! ^^

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