Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good Morning

Got these Mood Toast Stamps some time back, but haven't gotten the chance to try it until today.
It definitely put a smile on my face ♥

Before toasting it

A breakfast made with love like this will definitely make someone's day!
Just too bad my boyfriend's back at his place :( But it's alright, I have plenty of chances to make breakfast in bed for him in future! ^^

If you're having problems making the perfectly moist scrambled eggs without the fear of undercooking them, try this:
Turn off the stove completely just as there's a thin layer of uncooked portion and use the existing heat on the frying pan to cook those parts till it's of a perfect consistency. It's easier to control how well the scrambled eggs will be cooked that way.

Plus, it's better undercooked than overcooked cause you can still heat it up further if it's not done, but no help for burnt eggs :(

Love you all!


When it comes to shopping for cheap deals, it all boils down to luck. Buy It Under $5 ♥

What brand new items am I selling under $5?

Not a bad deal right???? (U MAD? IT'S DIRT CHEAP!!!!)
Will update more items tomorrow on this page!!! ^^


myuki said...

Nice! I saw spongebob toasters at cold storage it's damn adorable! There'll be a spongebob on yr bread.

Jenny said...

may i know where you get the bread stamp?

kitty said...

Wooo! I'd really like the spongebob one!!! ^^

Hey dear, it's from! <3

Anonymous said...

omg really got spongebob one?!