Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Make Up

Hey loves! This is the highly requested for Halloween make up blog post you all've been asking for! :D
From my previous blog post Fright Fest @ Singapore Flyer, some of you guys saw me dress up as a Hantu with really scabby and gruesome make up and asked me for a tutorial on it so here it is! :)

Just that this time I'm showing you how it'll be like on Damien, the baby doll cause I can take pictures of it clearly than trying to take shots of myself ^^


anyway, it looks quite normal when you put on normal make up anyway? ^^ so it's quite a good investment if you ask me.


First of all, put a good amount foundation ALL OVER your face!
I used my usual liquid foundation followed by powder foundation from ShopOnBlog:

Totally random but I love their foundations! Read my review on ShopOnBlog's make up here:

Contrary to the popular misconception that all dead people have really white faces, I think that dressing up as a regular skin toned / darker skin toned ghost is scarier! :p

So I used the foundation that I normally always use, from ShopOnBlog! :D This way, you don't have to go the extra mile buying a fairer foundation, no? ^^

After you've done that, use a cheap NON-TOXIC white craft glue to stick TORN pieces of toilet paper onto your face where you want it to be rough and uneven.
Be daring as to how many layers or how thick you'd like to paste this! Experiment it yourselves ^^

Trust me, no matter how good your make up skills are, a ghost with an awesome complexion is no ghost at all.
It might seem slightly tedious but trust me, it's worth it!!!
You'll be SO DAMN AMAZED by how realistic it looks. Plus it's waaaay cheaper than latex (commonly used on YouTube's Halloween tutorials)

You can also mould the pieces of toilet paper into any shape you want!
Create dents on your faces, make super thick long scars across your face etc.
Make sure you glue the edges of the toilet paper onto your face as closely as possible so it looks like it's part of your skin! :)

Then, using your liquid foundation, dab it with a foundation brush all over the toilet paper on your face!
Don't worry if there are white patches, you can always touch up later!

Using MATTE (no shimmer or glitter) brown and red eyeshadow, dab them randomly on the white patches.

Continue dabbing liquid foundation + brown eyeshadow + red eyeshadow over and over until you've pretty much created the look that you want.

Now, it's time to color in the wounds you've created (skip this step if you didn't create any "wounds" using the toilet paper)
Colour the inside of the wounds using red eyeshadow and (non shimmer) red lipstick.
Then, dab some random spots of brown eyeshadow as outline or shadows so that your wound looks more 3D.

Once you've done all of those, using gel Fake Blood (from NTUC FairPrice at $4.90) in a tube, smear them at random portions of your face and hands and legs and your dress/ teeshirts!!! :D

As for your eyes, you can either use black eyeshadow or red / purple eye shadow.
I used red eyeshadow for my look plus a thin layer of eyeliner cause I can't live without it :p
Anyway you can just randomly draw really bad eye bags on your eyes. It doesn't have to be perfectly round, it can be smeared and out of shape, whatever cause YOU'RE A HANTU! HAHAH
It doesn't matter when you already have bloody wounds and all, does it? ^^

Once you've checked your make up and feel that it's done, get ready for your most exciting Halloween ever!!!! :D :D :D
Seriously, Halloween is no fun when others scare you and you end up crying. It's way more fun if you compete to see who's scarier, the ghosts at the haunted house or you... LOL!

These looks really freaky with flash as well!
If your tissue paper scars and scabs looks too dry and you want it to look more gooey and reflect more light, find any moisturizer, aloe vera gel or whatever you can find at home to smear them on your face or arm! :D


The only thing you probably need to buy is the fake blood which is only like $4.90 and there are FairPrices everywhere? :)
And you could dress up 2 person's entire outfit with that amount of fake blood! Martin and I shared 1 tube for our Halloween outfit only! :D

Okay IF you decide to be super cheapskate, maybe you could add Aloe Vera Gel + Red food coloring to create your own fake blood too ^^


And if you guys die also don't wanna make the scabby toilet paper on face Halloween Make Up, here's something easier! ^^

Happy Halloween, cupcakes!!


CHERRING said...

The bloody baby was very very convincing. Love it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey will the toilet paper and white glue damage your skin ? :) also is it hard to remove ? :)

Rene, Gucci's mom said...

ur rachel from what's hot what's not? =D