Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Huge Thank You to Everyone!

The LoBlography competition you guys helped me to "Like" and comment for came quite abruptly so there were comments and questions asking me how I got to join the competition so here it is~~

I first received an email invitation asking me to submit an application to take part in this competition :)

(The following extract is from: is happening! Lomography has officially set its foot in the Lion City! If you want to be the first to engage with Lomography Singapore, accept this challenge that we have for you!

The Challenge

20 of the coolest Singaporean bloggers will be given a Lomography La Sardina camera and film to play with for 3 weeks. During these 3 weeks, write about all your experiences on your blog, post your photos, and share your experience with your readers about your cool new toy — just about anything you wish to share! The blogger who gets the most comments and likes and reblogs on a single post will win themselves a brand new Lomo LC-A+ to keep forever! Only one with the most creative blog post out of the bunch will win away a La Sardina Camera!

And after which, out of all the applications, the organizers chose 20 bloggers from Singapore to take part in it ^^
Some of the participants were more experienced in lomography with the right techniques and are regulars with (you can upload your analogue pictures there for sharing) and all whereas I was like a noob trying my luck :x

Among the chosen names, there were some bloggers whom I really looked up to such as Jayden cause I've known his blog since I was 15 (and i am heck of a old witch now) and he's always damn good at creative designs and the likes! So the competition was extremely tough!! T.T

(random but this is one of his latest works from his blog which i found really cool)

So after we were chosen, we met up with the organizers to collect our La Sardina trial cameras!

(The following extract is from:

The LoBlographer who gets the most comments and likes and reblogs on a single post will win themselves a brand new Lomo LC-A+ to keep forever! Only one with the most creative blog post out of the bunch will win away a La Sardina Camera!

So the 3 weeks (it got extended by 1 week in the end) competition started and in case you missed all of that, I blogged the pictures I took and my experience with the La Sardina camera here:

After which, a lot of sweethearts helped me Like my entry post for the competition!! :)
Also, at the very last day I tweeted and posted on Facebook asking for Comments on the entry cause they were counted as "votes" too!
And this blogpost will specially thank those who commented on the post at a super last minute request by me (so sorry to have troubled all of you)!!!

Thank you so much to all of you who Liked, Shared and Commented on my entry :')
As the comment box is easier for me to view all the names compared to the Like button (where some names are hidden), I'll list down just the names from the comment box.

A veryyyy huge hug and tons of love to these sweethearts who took extra time to leave a comment:
Peishi (for helping me spam RT on twitter~~~ AI NI!!! ^^)
Fate (my new bbysis yay!!)
Shi Yen
Leora ♥ (this girl is such a sweetheart she's always there for me)
Ee Pheng (I loved her since a looooong time ago man!!! ^^)
Celest (lucky girl who won whiteclothesco's recent giveaway!!)
Kiyomi Lim (we're gonna do a series of show together hehe!!! can't wait!)
Amanda Misaki S.
Poppy (my waist is about 23" when i measured long ago for a costume, quite sure it's bigger now hahah)
Ivy lim (super thankful that she commented even though the Like button didn't appear for her~~~ :'D)
Cynthia Luvs (the capable young owner of the famous FashionHooks' apparel store!!!)
Glendashley (the girl I will never forget! she sold me the angelababy book at $15 :'D touched maxxxx!!!!)
Je Vous Aime
Erick (the picture on your LomoHome KICKS ASS!!!!)
And a few Anonymous comments! :)


Because of all of you who helped me Like, Share and Comment on my entry......

(The following extract is from:

Loblography Singapore Rumble Winner Announcement

Let’s give a round of applause to Ms. Popular Rachell Tan, who had the most comments, likes, and shares for her entry! Rachell scores a brand new Lomo LC-A+!

I won a Lomo LC-A+!!! It's soooo cool! I'll show you guys how it looks like when I receive it~
And I will totally spam pictures with it from now on!!!! :D

Seriously, I'd never have been able to win this without all of you, so here's a huuuuuge virtual hug to each and everyone of you out there who helped :')

Also, is also giving away 10 piggies (worth 1USD each, total = 10USD) to 10 lucky readers!!!!
These piggies can be used when you purchase lomographic cameras from their shop (!!
Check out some of their cool and chio cameras!!!!

But cause there's only 10 x 10USD for me to give, I'll only be able to choose 10 people who have a LomoHome, which means a registered account at!


Leave a comment below with:
1. Your LomoHome (a registered account at
2. What type of pictures you'd like to see me take with my new Lomo LC-A+
Eg. I'd like to see you take pictures of cute animals!!!
Eg. I'd like to see you take more pictures of you catching the sun (LOL!!!)
3. I'll announce the 10 winners on 20th October 2011, 9:00PM!!!!

Good luck to everyone and thank you so much for everything!!!!
And of course, thank you for organizing this competition! LOVE YOU ALL!
And thank you for the super cute lomography button set!!!

I'm soooo gonna be a regular at from now, uploading the pictures I'm gonna take etc heheh! ^^
Remember to say Hi if you see me there! My LomoHome is :)


Lambchop-san said...

(newly created! but hope it's fine!)
2. I'd actually be interested to see fashion-related photography - street snaps or snaps of your own outfits, perhaps. It's very normal for lomo cameras to be used for snapping shots of cute animals, interesting objects or pretty scenery, but a crossover of fashion and lomography is quite a rare occurrence (at least as far as I've seen) and for a fashionista like yourself I think it'd be a really cool little project.

Thanks Rachell! Congratulations on winning the LC-A, it's been one of my dream lomo cameras for awhile and I'm totally envious. The La Sardina photos you took were sweet too, I've added La Sardina to my to-buy list now!

jellydinosaurs said...
I would love to see pictures of you celebrating halloween! I bet it's gonna look super cool and awesome with all the amazing costumes and stuff haha.
CONGRATSSSSSS. Yay hope i win haha

Jaslyn said...

Account : ahjas0425
I would like to see you taking pictures of yourselves , and with your friends ! And , with your bf too , cos using lomo to take pictures with your loved one is really very very nice !

Michelle Andrew Nicole said...

My account is and I'd love to see you taking beautiful sceneries cuz you seem to be very familiar with Singapore! And then list it down to where we can find the place (when you have the time to of course!), moreover seeing beautiful scenery will make your mood very ^^ and not just like :). And of course not forgeting to take pictures of yourself using the gorgeous lomo!

Lastly, congratulations! And thank you for the thank you. <3

HuishiNg said...

1. (Cutenessoverload_)
2.I love to see you taking pictures of yourself, as you're very pretty hehehe :) + the lomo is so pretty that it deserves to take chio photos of you! & also some beautiful scenery? ^^
3. Goodluck to myself hahahaha! :))))

cutebun said...


2. More MX photos! Portraits of yourself! You're too pretty not to be capture on films forever =P

Shufen said...

Congrats! :D

Anonymous said...

i like you to take pictures of
1. you and your love ones.
2. pretty places in Singapore
3. more MX shots
4. stuff you do everyday.

Hope i win! been eyeing a camera for a long time ^^


Anonymous said...


2. i'd really love to see you taking more pics of your daily life with your family members & bf! anything you feel that is worth sharing, any random moment would be realllly interesting too :)


Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!!!! Congratulations!!! So happy for you~ x)

fluffyfate said...

Congrats <3 ^^ Hehehehe. See you soon, luv!! <3

Ellis said...
I'd like to see more vintage kind of picture! ^^

Anonymous said...

congrats! you love to share so u deserved to win!

thanks for sharing, rachell!

Erick said...

Congratulations! Hope you shoot more with your new Lomo LCA+ :)

Erick said...

I hope to see random objects doubles/multiple exposed with some fashion stuff.