Sunday, October 30, 2011

Magical Glitters

Love the clothes you always see on Tumblr?
then you must check out Magical Glitters! :)

For all you tumblr fans out there, this blogshop is basically close to home!
Cause they are based on tumblr's domain which makes it really easy for you guys to Follow them for new updates while you're surfing tumblr! :D

Quote PXDKITTY with your purchase and receive a mystery gift from them! :D

And check out their apparels!
I love blogshops that have a theme to what they're selling.
And for MagicalGlitters, it's no surprise if their theme is tumblr-style or hipster! ^^

Wolves, cosmic stuff, oversized tees.
What else more tumblr-ish can you ask for from this beautiful piece? ^^

And the best part is, it's UNISEX! :D
So you can get this for yourself as well as your boyfriend!!! :)

(picture credit to google)

MagicalGlitters also has the all time favourite USA flag prints, Chanel inspired oversized tee shirts etc!
It's basically designs that EVERYONE can look good in!! :)

And this might be something many girls would like...
studded high waist shorts! :)

BUT! Here's the catch, MagicalGlitters used PLASTIC SEW ON and IRON ON studs instead of your usual metal poke through studs! :)
This way it's not as heavy on your shorts! :D
Also, it's a lot cheaper than the poke through studs, which is why you can get these shorts at a way lower price! :) No need to burn your pockets anymore! ^^

Currently these are the 3 different designs for you to choose from and more to come!
So do follow them on their tumblr!

A place for all tumblr fashion lovers - Magical Glitters! ^^
Quote PXDKITTY with your purchase and receive a mystery gift from them! :D

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