Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Love lomographic cameras?
Want to get your hands on one?
Now's your chance!!! ^^

Quote RACHEL10OFF for 10% DISCOUNT OFF anything and everything at http://asia.shop.lomography.com/ Validity is from now till Sunday 6 Nov 2011!! :D


Hi cupcakes!!! :D
Check out the blogshop of the day, Marcharies! ^^

They've just updated last night with a TON of new pretty designs!!! ^^
You really have to see it to believe it!!!! :D
I have this obsession with Viewing All apparels at once cause I can't bear to wait for the next page to load 12 item by 12 items slowly... LOL!
Which is why Marcharies' huge new collection blew my mind completely!

Can't get enough of apparels with mini motifs?
You'll love their TOPSHOP Inspired series!!! ^^
They have it in a range of colours, styles and cuttings!!! Can't deny that it's so tempting to buy them all~

Omg and the leopard printsssss :)
I still can't get over how gorgeous these pieces are!!!!
Plus, they're totally flattering to the figure ^^

If you're into prints but don't fancy the small / leopard motifs,
MARCHARIES has alternatives just for you!! :)

And who can forget knitted basics? ^^
Awesome for rainy days or for attending school lectures!!! :)

Have I mentioned that Marcharies literally has everything??
Like every style, every cutting, every design possible? ^^
I love blogshops like this! You can just choose to buy different outfits for different occasions all at one web!
And you can receive them all at once!!! How convenient! :)

Be it from the sweet girlish feel,

To the rocker vibe,

Or to a mixture of both:
Lace plus a slightly more andro cutting in black! Perfect!
THIS IS MY FAVOURITE HHEHEH totally something i would wear out!!! :)

Need some wardrobe help? It's all at Marcharies!

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