Thursday, October 27, 2011

Natto Masks

Whenever I step into SASA or Watsons, I find it hard to resist checking out their masks section.
Cause the descriptions written on the packaging of the masks always seem so promising with all the whitening, revitalising, pore minimizing etc!
I always hope that after I remove my mask I can instantly look like AngelaBaby, lol!
But sometimes...... the price are damn promising too.... $5 PER mask?
That's like putting a 5 dollar note on your face each time you use it!

Plus it's highly advised by many professionals for us to mask our face EVERYDAY to maintain a good complexion....
But $5 a day?
That's quite high maintenance for us normal girls who are not even models or celebrities, isn't it? :(

Now fret not! For girls who want to mask their face EVERYDAY, but are on a tight budget,
NattoMasks is here to save your wallets! ^^
Quote PXDKITTY for 5% off your NEXT purchase! :)

NattoMasks is having a stock clearance as their products are expiring on the 17th of June 2012. Due to that, their masks are going at $5 per box of 5 masks ($1 PER mask), which is less than half of the retail price ($10.50 per box)!!!!
All items they are selling are brand new and in very good conditions and so it's very safe!

I've also received several masks from NattoMasks and tried them myself :)

You may be wondering why the DressMe masks series sold at NattoMasks come in so many different "colours".
It's actually because these masks are really specific in their purposes and each mask is catered to a specific skin type! ^^
Also, your skin changes from time to time so you'll need to change your mask type according to your skin condition :)

For me, I was torn between Revitalising & Firming Mask and Oil control and Purifying Mask because I have oily skin fml~~~
Also, I felt like I'm in need of some renewing..... and I'm quite paranoid about my skin sagging since I'm 21 now T.T

But in the end I gave in to the word "Grapefruit" written on the Revitalising & Firming Mask's packaging and true enough, this mask had grapefruit in it which smells really nice!! ^^

p.s. i had the towel on cause i didn't want any liquid to drip onto my teeshirt hehe

Anyway really random but check out my home shorts lol!
It has "just chillin'!" and seals printed on it hahaha

Also, quoted from NattoMasks, these masks are made in Taiwan, which is known for all their awesome beauty products! :D
And these masks are suitable for daily use and the essence in the masks is easily absorbed by our skin. The facial masks use the finest and purest quality ingredients that give your skin nothing but the best! So say yes to healthy and beautiful skin!

Quote PXDKITTY for 5% off your NEXT purchase! :)

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