Saturday, October 29, 2011

Perry Amber

Hi babydolls! ^^

Check this out, I tied my hair up today in a regular ponytail and took a picture but somehow the angle made me look like i have short hair!!! lol!

Anyway I went bowling with baby today and there were like 2 kids beside me who were about 10 years old and 6 years old and they were HARDCORE KICKASS bowlers!
They had their own bowling balls, striked at every other turn, knew how to throw CURL BALLS and they were half my height???
martin and I felt so paiseh with our noob bowling skills lol FOL man!

Wore my BIGBANG TOP socks for luck! :D

Took a picture while waiting for my turn to bowl, lucky shot! cause cannot really see my double chin wooo~

Read on to know more about Perry Amber! ^^

Outfit of the day:
Yellow Knitted Cropped Hoodie, Pink Ripped Denim Shorts, Leopard Creepers, Camel Backpack

And then we went to play pool again, this time i won TWICE! :D :D
My favourite part about bowling and pool actually is.....
all the fried and shiok finger food~~~~ so fattening but whatever, it makes me happy! ^^

Oooh, hi baby~~~^^
I think this is the first picture we took together since we both changed our hairstyles quite significantly? :D


Anyway, as I was saying, the chio backpack which I was carrying is from this super pretty online boutique, Perry Amber!

One look at their website and you'd be awed by how professional they are in terms of layout, order and payment system and their product shoots plus models! :D

Click on them to take a look! ^^

Wah what is this I see? Another bag???? :O

This is yet another gorgeous bag from Perry Amber! :)
I love the skull motifs on it for a fiercer look, despite the colour being a cute shade of barbie pink! :D

Here are some of their other bag designs! :)
I love how Perry Amber take pride in bringing in all these fabulous designs which we don't usually find in other online boutiques! ^^
Most other boutiques only bring in 1 or 2 bags per collection, but not Perry Amber! :D
Plus, their prices are totally reasonable! Lower than what you'd get outside! :)

Not only do they have lovely bags, their apparels are of high quality and flattering cutting too! :)
Such as this baby pink toga mesh dress,
It's perfect for crazy parties or even classy weddings!
Classy yet still sexy! Love it soooo much!

This sheer blouse in White and Black also caught my eye :)
Don't be deceived by it's simple design at the front and mistake it as your usual sheer blouse!
The lace back design makes it sooo much more unique and it'll definitely add character to your outfit!

This ruffles tube dress is also divine!
So simple yet so timeless! :)
You can wear it alone, match it with chunky metal necklaces, pair it with any type of outerwear or even tuck it into your high waist shorts!
SOOOO many possibilities with this piece! A must buy! ^^

To look for these professionals in gorgeous bags and apparels, you must visit Perry Amber! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, where did you get your mustard top from? Thankyou! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, was wondering what makeup products foundation you used to be able to cover pimples? My foundation and makeup products cant cover my pimples! >:(

Anonymous said...

Hi rachell!! :) i can’t seem to find the pink bag on perryamber :( do you have the exact url? :)