Saturday, October 29, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Recently I've been hooked onto watching Laura Vitale on YouTube cause she has this extremely bubbly character which makes her shows so pleasant to watch, and she makes all her food seem so easy to prepare!!! :D
Plus, the way she describes the taste of her food.... omg i wish i could pull one of those cupcakes out of my screen :(

So here's the video that made my tummy crave soooo badly for a Red Velvet Cupcake!

And obviously, if i want something, i have to work for it!
Cupcakes don't just fall from the sky you know~~~ hahaha

And since the cupcakes are made for just my family and I, i made a few batches with red food colouring and some without food colouring in case my mum or grandma don't like the idea of putting artificially coloured stuff into their tummies :p

Without the red food colouring, the red velvet cupcakes basically look like brown chocolate cupcakes hahah
maybe they're called Brown Velvet Cupcakes or something :/

And obviously............ CREAM CHEESE SPAM!!!!! :D :D :D
My boyfriend and I LOVEEEEE cream cheese!!!! hhahaha it's damn sinful but wth, it tastes awesome and it's soooo easy to make!

This cupcake was frosted to copy Laura Vitale's ^^
But.... like this too little cream cheese already!! More please!!

Hahaha this is one of the cupcakes with Red food colouring :p
Made them smaller than the brown ones cause there was lesser batter at the end!

Yummy!!! :)
These red velvet cupcakes (minus the red) are super moist and soft, you can literally squish it like a cotton ball and it bounces back!
Awesome for people who fancy soft cakes rather than those with dry textures :) :)

Oh and since we're talking about food, have you guys tried this instant Mac & Cheese before?
I have like 3 boxes of it at home, I LOVE CHEESE!!!! ^^


Hope this post inspires you for what to have for your next meal / dessert / baking session!
heheheh LOVE YOU ALL!!! ^^


Katherine said...

Hi Rachell! Where did you get the instant mac n' cheese from? it's perfect for lazy people like me!! Thanks rachell! :))

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the instant mac n'cheese from rachell? Thanks for introducing it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Take care of your health and don't consume too much trans fat!

Anonymous said...

You're one of my favourite bloggers!

yVeTtE ♥ said...

can u plx do more yummy food tutorials like ur cupackes and icecream sandwich one and ps ur super prettyyyy and i love reading your blog so muchhhh !!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey^^ Where did you get the mac n cheese from? Hope you can share with us soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachell! Where can I buy the instant mac n cheese from? I loveee mac n cheese ^^

Anonymous said...

recipe for red velvet cupcakes???????? pleeeeeeeeease?