Friday, October 7, 2011

Requested: How To Put On Fake Lashes

One of my favorite idols I grew up with during my more impressionable age was definitely Jeffree Star~~~

And watching this MV of Jeffree's made me set my mind to buying this GEO CRAZY GREEN LENS HAHAHAHA!!

This reminds me, recently someone left a comment asking where I bought my GEO lens from..
(So pictures from this entire blog post are of me wearing GEO lens!!!)
And because of all the fake contact lens scares online recently, there are very limited choices to buy our lens from honestly.

But luckily I found this website ( selling authentic GEO lens!!! ^^ WOOHOO!
Unlike other websites, Eyesation allows you to go to PHYSICAL STORESSSSS TO BUY THE LENSES!
So basically you reserve the lens online and then purchase from the optical shop in Ang Mo Kio, Clementi, Hougang and Tampines!

Just remember to create an account with EyeSation and provide your mobile number so they can SMS you status update to inform you when your order is ready for purchase.
Next, choose the model and your lens degree, click on Check Out and choose which optical shop you want to buy from!!
Then you make payment only when you buy the lenses at the optical shop after the eye examination by the optometrist!!

PAY & COLLECT ON THE SPOT CONFIRM 100% SCAM-FREE!!! No worries here! ^^

EyeSation has tons of 15mm lens under their GEO XTRA DOLLY section like the ones i'm wearing below so you can get enlarging lens from them without fear of having your lens confiscated cause their lens are mostly INSTOCKS and you can go collect them personally.


PLUSSSSS, if you kiasu kiasi about your lens right right, there is an official Geo's anti-fake website, not affiliated to any blogshop for you to check if your lens are authentic!

I scratched mine to get the serial numbers and checked that they were REAL Geo lens from Korea!!! :D Safe for my eyes woohoo!!!

and being a typical kiasu Singaporean I changed the last set of codes to 999999 and then it stated that it was a fake! so the website's quite zai after all ^^

Anyway I collected my GEO crazy green lens today so I wanted to try them on!
Pretty comfortable and I love it a lot so I'm gonna do requested tutorial with just eye make up on!!! :P

Step 1: Put on all your other eye make up as usual
(I don't use mascara when I'm lazy but I don't have much natural lashes anyway)

Many people don't do this step and end up with falsies poking into their eyes, which hurt a lot!!!
Or you can get lashes with softer bones (e.g. DollyWink) so it's more comfortable for your eyes

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue carefully onto the bone of the lash
(IMPORTANT!!!) Wait for about 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky

If you don't wait for it to become tacky, it's gonna be soooooo messy and hard to paste the fake lashes (like the glue will spread around your eyelids but the lashes won't even stick???). This is another mistake many people make!

Step 4: Gently place the false lashes above and parallel to your natural lash line. You don't have to worry about having to paste it ON your lash line exactly, cause the gap can be filled with eyeliner so it won't look unnatural! :)

I like to paste it ABOVE (NOT ON) my lash line intentionally cause it makes it MUCH EASIER to remove the false lashes at the end of the day without pulling my real lashes by accident (which hurts btw) haha!!

Adjust it a bit...

Check this out! Lashes make your eyes look more girlish INSTANTANEOUSLY!!!!! ^^
+ it makes your eyes look BIGGER too!

Looking at this pics...I'm soooo gonna stock up on all the crazy lens from CAUSE IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME AS JEFFREE STAR'S ONE LOR!!!! LOL LOVE IT!!!

Okay love you girls!!!!


Poppy said...

thanks you super nice! i don't need make-up now but when i need to know how to put falsies, im sure to come back here!!

kitty said...

you're most welcome sweetheart!!! <3 ^^

JingenW said...

Crazy lenses when put on, your eyes can only see thru the center hole right? :o

xiaomui said...

Thanks for the lens intro !
I LOVE GEO LENS, but it hard to get it through ^^ !!
But i still don't understand how to put fake eyelash :( !
even if i read it

Ling said...

Will the owner scam?

Anonymous said...

You people should just stfu. Tammie stated on her blog on 29 sept writing "Supposed to do a contact lens post but the seller's site is down so i have to push it to 10 Oct :(

Was soooo looking forward to sharing the site with ya'll cus it's one of the only licensed shops selling GEO lenses. But good things are worth the wait, right?l

What more do You guys still wanna say? :)

♥Vivian Ho♥ said...

Thanks so much Rachell

Anonymous said...

Babe, which brand of eyelashes do you use?
I'm searching for one with a "thicker base" like your but idk where to buy! I think i mean falsies with a "strong bone!" Thank you!

Ross said...

omg..!! i am so gonna order frm Eyesation.. thX rachell!! guess what, i orderd 4 pairs of lens frm a blogshOp. & since 31 Aug, they kept delaying..and now they dont even reply my emails.. dont know what to do alreadi. :(

Anonymous said...

nice tutorial. still waiting on your underarm tutorial