Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What's Hot, What's Not?: Episode 1

Hello cupcakes!!!
Short post today cause I'm preparing some stuff for all of you~~~

In the mean time, here's the first episode of What's Hot, What's Not? by Eric and I!!! :)
Do help us spread it around okay!!! And please SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL! ^^
It's our very first episode so we need your support!!! :)
Thank you so much and we love you all!!!

And we have more of these episodes where it came from! ^^


Some upcoming posts for my blog:

1. Requested Halloween Make Up Tutorials
1. Ju On
2. Tinkerbell (tentatively if I can make the dress...)
3. Cleopatra (I'm going to giveaway the costume!!!! ^^)
4. Marilyn Manson (by Martin)
5. Joker from Batman, Dark Knight (by Martin)

2. More cool recipes!!!! :D YUMMY!!!!
3. Review of the most recent Beauti Instinct facial treatment I went for
4. Some nice new food places I went to and would recommend you guys to go to
5. More updates for my Loblography Competition (pretty please help me "Like" it HERE)



And did you know I just added 2 items to the Buy It Under $5 page? :)


Anonymous said...

hahah your chinese v good leh! :D
so cool wht's hot wht's not.

Anonymous said...

I luv the first ep of What's Hot, What's Not? ^^ Esp the chinese teacher part, keep it up! (Y)


Anonymous said...

hey rachel :) have you announced the winner for the armour ring on your under $5 album?