Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bed Head Look

Hi sweethearts!
Previously, I promised a review for the Wella Professionals Hair Spray from Essensuals Bugis, as I mentioned in this post.
So here it is! :)
And what better way to review the product than to do a tutorial on a messy bed head look? ^^

(I wish my hair was as thick, long and chio as hers!)

So yep!
Watch the video to see how I did my hair! :)

The awesome spray I used in this post is Wella Professionals Create Character (Dry) Texturizing Spray.

Why do I like it so much?
- Not like your usual hair spray, a small amount is sufficient to hold your hair in place (save $$)
- Smells really nice, no choking smell
- Easy to wash off
- Good for many types of hairstyles where you need volume and texture

And you can get this awesome product & many other professional products from:

Essensuals Bugis
241-A Victoria Street
Bugis Village (above Burger King)
S'pore 188030
tel: 63330039


Plus you can mention you're a reader of Rachell's blog for DISCOUNTS on ala carte services! :) :)

Before removing the rubberbands... I look like an alien lol

(Chio contact lens from http://www.i-babydoll.com/)

Best part of this look...
Even when you make stupid faces or look slightly unglam in photos people think it's intentional and you look quite alright anyway
cause your hair's all wild and crazy hahah

(Dreamcatcher necklace from http://diygalore.onsugar.com/)

Alright, hope you'll like the look and try it out some time! :)


Anonymous said...

hi can i ask where did u get the hello kitty specs from ur prevs post?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachell,

I'm your reader, since the start of this year.

But as time goes by, I feel that you have changed. You are no longer that friendly as you used to be. The way you tweet, blog and everything change.

I hope you don't find it offensive as I really admire you. But now, I'm slowly changing my views towards you.

Anonymous said...

what lenses are u using in this post?

Anonymous said...

it's refreshing to see u with different hairstyles, haha.

u are blogging so regularly, it's amazing! must get enough rest yourself, ok?

Anonymous said...

why do you always start your videos with "ok hi"?

Nicolene said...

u can try to braid your hair to sleep!! i did that... it looks somewhat like yours! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, where do you get ur cheap monday shirt from? its pretty :) hope you do more clothes advertorial cause i really like the things you wear !!! Love your style! <3