Saturday, November 26, 2011

Card Supplies

Hi sweethearts! :)
Today I'll just be sharing some random pictures I took some day when I was out with my mum~
+ where to get Christmas card supplies

I don't drink alcohol at all but you can't deny the whole range of colors together looks really pretty! :D

hahaha my mum was super amused by this!

And we intentionally arranged the cookie boxes so that we can see more of the spongebob boxes :p

Looking at this picture i can literally hear Spongebob laugh like TA-AH-AH-AH~ in my head omggggzzzzz

There's this ADORABLE shop at dhoby ghaut Plaza Singapura called Paper Market and I love everything that they sell in there!
If you're into crafts and such and like scrap booking or hand making cards, this is the perfect place for you :)
If you're not, Christmas is coming, it's never too late to start! :D

Not only are their items really gorgeous, even their decorations in the shop are pretty!!! :)
*sparkly sparkly*

And this caught my eye!
Lollipop Pen!
So in the end my mum bought the hot pink one for me, yellow one for my sister, purple one for my brother and a light pink one for my maid (all our favorite colors respectively) ^~^

They have stuff like colored paper, rainbow colored buttons, lace trimmings, ribbons, glitter and everything else related to crafts and scrap booking ^~^

And this is my lollipop pen!!! :D
Super can't wait to use it, heheh!

Alright, love you all bye!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi babe, where did you see the spongebob cookies? I want to buy them! ^^

raindropsinthesky said...

Ah ;_; wish there was a shop selling paper and stuff like that in Penang too. SG has so much stuff compared to where I live :l

Anonymous said...

what supermarket is that? i mean where is it? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi dearie, just wanted to share with you and your readers that there's actually a shop named Our Craft Place found at Simei, East Point Mall... It sells scrap booking materials too and is wayyyy cheaper :D Besides Papermarket, there's also Made With Love if you're at town! ^^