Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cute Little Strawberries

Hi sweethearts!!! :)
If you need some gorgeous and affordable new accessories to along with your brand new christmas clothes, do read on! ^~^

Cute Little Strawberries is opening up spree #12 this coming Thursday (17th Nov - 24th Nov 2011)!
Do be rest assured that the items will reach you before X'mas, according to the owner! Just in time to get your friends & yourself a little gift at extremely affordable prices! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


For every 5 items you purchase, you will get you a free gift! Also, you can specify which item would you like to get as your gift! (@Random: Earrings/Necklaces/Rings)
Eg. if you have 10 items, you will be able to choose 2 @random free gifts! Items will definitely not be the identical to what you have ordered so that means you'll get a lot more!! :D yay!

Plus, if you get 15 items and above, you'll get free registered postage PLUS 3 @random free gifts from CuteLittleStawberries! :D yay!!!! Awesone isn't it! ^~^

So here are some of their super trendy and yet affordable items! :)
Remember this heart shape shades I wore some time back? ^~^
They have it here too, and at insanely low prices omg!
1 for $6 each, 3 for $4 each!!!
Do your math, getting 3 pieces = $12!!! It's like a buy 2 get 1 free! omg NAISE!

Shades are girls' best friends.
No matter how you look, put a pair of shades on, INSTANT SUPERSTAR ^~^
Plus cute guys can't know that you're bio-ing at them lol!

They also have tons of korean inspired fake glasses too! :)
This will definitely make your side profile a lot more interesting than if it were just a purely black pair of specs! ^~^

If you like smaller sized clutches to match your office wear or formal wear, do take a look at these clutches!
They have sooo many colors available, you'll definitely find one that suits you :)

And here comes my favorite from their web!!!
Japanese Magazine's tote bags!!!!!
All these popular designs and prints brought to you at $18 each only! :D
I love tote bags cause you can dump everything in it and it STILL looks good~~

I will highly recommend this Fred Perry one cause the motif is simple and casual, yet still enough to cause a fashion statement! ^~^

And who could forget Cute Little Strawberries' signature - Accessories spree with EVERYTHING for $3.50!!!
Gone were the days when rings cost $15! make way for these super cheap but pretty rings under $4 omg!!! :O

Love you all~~~ ^~^

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