Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hi sweethearts!
One of the blogshops you guys must be really familiar with by now has updated with a whole bunch of stuff!!! :D

Watched my Troll Along Songs videos (in my older posts) yet? ^~^
Wondering where to get those Hello Kitty Shades I wore?
Look no further! :D

DIYGalore is also preordering for this really cool bag!
Chanel inspired + gold chains plus awesome material!
Super super pretty xD
seems like a waaaay more expensive version than the huge chanel inspired tote bag i always carry :x

I've always thought that the Celine inspired luggage totes were pretty...
I really want this man! It's like omg if i brought it out it'd catch others' attention for sure! :p

More pretty leopard stuff! :)
Plus platform shoes are totally hot this season, get them and jump onto the fashion bandwagon! ^~^
Definitely more comfortable than wedges and heels! Great for shopping cause no more blisters!!! :p

Do also check out their INSTOCKS collection over at DIYGalore!
Sexy crochet tops and bralets! I love how the designs are inspired from those matured kinda clothes but this makes you look way younger! :p
Cutting plays a HUUUGE role man! And in this case I love the cuttings from DIYGalore!

Stay tuned to their page, bookmark them etc cause they'll be having more and more awesome stuff to update soon!

Happy shopping!!! :)

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