Thursday, November 24, 2011

Double Eyelid Stickers

Hi sweethearts :)
As I have single eyelids + no crease (typical small asian eyes), I have to rely on double eyelid tapes to make my eyes look more awake cause I always get those mean comments like:
"Open your eyes leh!"
"Are you sleeping?" (when I'm obviously looking right at them)

So yeah I received several comments asking about the double eyelid tapes that I use so today I'm going to blog about it! :)

Basically I try to experiment with as many double eyelid tapes possible because they all give different effects on your eyelids.
So currently here are the ones I have!

This is actually a double-sided eyelid tape I bought from Taiwan but till now I still haven't figured out how to use it yet....
So to me it's useless for now. hahaha wait till I have more time then I try to paste it on again and hopefully succeed else it'll be a waste of money... T~T

And this COSMED (like watsons but Taiwan version i think?) eye tape is the one that i always use recently!
Personally I think it's really good!!! I'll explain why later.
But too bad I got it from Taiwan so after I finish this last pack.... i got no more :(
Gonna search for some good local brands one :)

By the way I'm using S size for the eyelid tapes cause my eyes are Small..
ikr, eyes also got S, M, L label one wtf hahah

I bought 2 packets of Pink Lady eyelid tape S size from Taiwan as well!
I think the difference between the 2 is just the packaging? Not too sure myself either.
I haven't tried it yet but i have 1 pack of each only.. SIAN!
I really need to stock up on my eyelid tape supplies man :/

And I bought this M sized (cause it was the smallest size available) double eyelid tapes online.
This one produces THICKER and MORE OBVIOUS parallel double eyelids BUT my eyelids got too much fats (verrrrrry droopy) so sometimes it doesn't work for me :(
But I've seen people who already have double eyelids use this and get SUUUUPER deepset parallel eyelids!!
But I feel that this one is LESS STICKY than the ones I bought from Taiwan above so I'll be damn paranoid of it falling off :s

This Tape for Double eyelid is from DAISO.
Um.... Can I say personally I really dislike it? sorry :/
I'll explain later.

K since i have no idea how to use the double sided eyelid tape, i shall not act smart and talk about it.
Instead, I will focus on the DAISO eyelid tape, the THICK eyelid tape and MY FAVOURITE eyelid tape.

One reason the THICK and MY FAVOURITE eyelid tapes are better than the DAISO one, is because the DAISO one has a completely smooth surface.
This means it's very hard for me to apply make up over it to hide it!
So it ends up really reflective on my eyes, like lizard eyes :(
Not sure if anyone else faces the same problem..
But personally I like eyelid tapes with some form of rough texture on the surface so that my make up can easily stay onto the tapes and camouflage it a bit!

Smooth surface versus Textured surface

See! The THICK eyelid tape and MY FAVOURITE eyelid tape both has some form of rough patterns on it.
If you run your fingers lightly over them you can feel the texture of it one :)

And like I said, the THICK one is harder for me to put on my eyelids cause my eyelids have a lot of fats and it is very stubborn when I put eyelid stickers on them.
It's super difficult for me to create a convincing parallel eyelid with the THICK one although the THICK one will more likely give you deeper set eyes (if successfully pasted).

On the other hand MY FAVOURITE eyelid tape, the thin one, can create parallel eyelids for me but it's less deepset than the THICK ONE
but i guess i'm alright with it cause i can't ask for too much!
I have small single eyelid eyes.. got a bit of parallel eyelids better than nothing? ^~^

So here's my eyes with the eyelid tapes on!
I guess there's no perfectly concealable eyelid tapes unless you're really super super pro at it but most importantly be contented lah :)

My advice for shopping for double eyelid tapes will be to try as many brands as possible,
while looking out for some important features such as texture of the tape, how sticky it is, how thick it is and the size of it etc.
Cause you'll most likely use this on a DAILY basis you cannot afford to pay $5 for one box of 30 tapes that's crazy.
I think usual price range will be $3 for a box of 30 pairs or so.
So do use that as a gauge! :)

+++++WHERE TO BUY+++++

Bacially a ton of places sell double eyelid tapes, like SASA or Chameleon etc and the price range is about $3.90 or $2.90 for a pack of 30.

But if you want to get it at EVEN CHEAPER prices, Kiyomi is spreeing for it (plus other CHIO SHOES AND HALF-TINTED Chanel Inspired Shades) at $2 for a pack of 80 PAIRS of eyelid stickers.
Discounts if you get more than 20 packets (share with your friends)!!

Picture credit to Kiyomi's blog.
Her review:
80 pairs inside, Super sticky.
I bet I wont change to other eyelid tapes again.. *I guesssss?

I'm going to order from her and try it out too! EXCITEDDDD ;)

I hope this helped!!!
Good luck cupcakes!


Anonymous said...

what's the meaning of crease? are they like lines?

Lynette djong. said...

Hey where did you buy your falsies? :)

kitty said...

Taiwan :)
but i'm left with 3 last pairs... T~T

Anonymous said...

whats the brand and model of your camera?

Anonymous said...

can teach how to put? I tried but always fail. i am monolid and i cannot find where to create my "own" fake double eyelid :( life sucls

Amanda Cyt said...

I'm using the green pink lady double eyelid stickers too! I think it's good (Y)

bear said...

Yayyy was waiting for this for quite a while now :D Thank you so much! ♡

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for the post(; but could you show us exactly how you put them on? I'm really having trouble with it ): thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

hi thanks for the post can show how to stick? i cant get the crease thingy ): thanks so !!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hi so did you try the eyelids stickers from kiyomi? how was it!