Monday, November 28, 2011

English High Tea @ Rendezvous Hotel

Hi darlings :)
This shall be my first post showing you all the pictures taken (NO photoshop at all ) with the Casio Exilim EX-ZR100's HDR mode!
I'll talk more about this below :)

So what subject better to take pictures of than FOOOD? :p


Have you always wondered how a classy English High Tea session would be like?
Afraid to ask about it in case it's too expensive or not worth the money?

You're in luck today!
Cause I'll be telling you guys about this really affordable Palong Afternoon English High Tea Set from Rendezvous Hotel! :)

For only $18.90++, you can get this huge variety of treats, served with Lavazza coffee or a selection of Premium Tea.

Imagine being served 3 different platters of treats, all for you!!! No need to share or fight, awesome! :)
And I simply love how some of it are more filling, like the puff pastries whereas some are meant for desserts!
This way you can have the sweet treats any time you feel like it :)

And check out the location!
It's totally classy and soothing, and all in the comfort of an air-conditioned hotel.
Perfect for dates with friends or with someone special ;)
And for the experience and lovely food, it's extremely affordable compared to many others of its kind!

Alright enough of talking, let's dig in! :D

The first platter consists of:
Paris Brest (hazelnut cream)
Macaroon (chocolate and lemon)
Cheese Cake
Raspberry Mousse

Wah I seriously love the Casio Exilim EX-ZR100's HDR mode it saves me from editing lighting of my pictures hahah!

Aren't the food all really pretty? :D

My favorite, ever! The chocolate macaroon!! :)
It's the perfect level of sweetness for me, it's fragrant and crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside
and it does not taste like those cheap overly sugary ones I've tried elsewhere!

The rest of the desserts from the first platter was really yummy too but sadly my hands (to take pictures) weren't as fast as my mouth! hahaha
I ate them before I could snap any shots for you :p
But trust me, it's definitely more than worthy of your taste buds ;)

The second platter consists of:
Smoked salmon with walnut
Quail egg with Sundried tomato
Smoked chicken with ciabatta bread
Seared tuna with wholemeal bread
Tuna flakes in Mayonnaise

I was sooo excited to start on the second platter cause I LOVE salmon!
And obviously that's my favorite from this platter too! :)
I like how the meats were served with different types of bread to make the flavors more interesting!

During the high tea session, we were just discussing if there was any fixed manner people should partake the set (eg. dessert platter last) but we came to the conclusion that most Singaporeans can't be bothered and we'll just mix 1 salty item with 1 sweet item in whichever way we fancy ^~^

Pretty food that actually tastes really good, double score!!! :)

I loved this bread!
This one had a slice of cheese over it to flavor, and it's the atas (high class) cheese!
Definitely not those cheddar cheese we usually get from supermarkets ^~^

And finally, the third platter!

The third platter consists of:
Butter scone
Home-made mini chicken pie
Home-made sausage roll
Puff pastry with mushroom in creamy sauce

My favorite was definitely the Puff pastry with mushroom in creamy sauce and home-made mini chicken pie!!! :)
Cause I love puff pastries and meat and these were the more "filling" items whereas the rest were like light snacks! :D

The butter scone was good too!
And Dawn taught us to put the whipped cream and jam into the scone to make it taste even better :)

My English tea~
I'm not at all knowledgable about teas and all so i went for the most basic one heheh *paiseh*
But if you're the kind who can appreciate Earl Grey tea and the likes, they have it at Rendezvous Hotel too! :)

After we were done, we were also given the honor to try the very famous Durian Pengat from Rendezvous Hotel!
I can't tell you how happy I was cause I can eat a ton of durians, lol!!!!
This Durian Pengat was rich, fragrant and super yummy and you can taste the real pulp of the fruit! :) :)
I've also seen tons of awesome reviews about it online! A must try if you love durians!

I really have to thank Christina, Manager of Marketing Communications at Rendezvous Hotel, for inviting Dawn and I to have a quick english high tea with her the other day!

After I tried the food, I went home and told my mum I'll be bringing her there soon so we can act tai tai and have high tea and relax for a bit! :p
And best part, it's only about $18.90!! :)
Plus I was super full at the end of it although it was all served in small portions! ^~^

If you'd like to check out the English High Tea at Rendezvous Hotel, you can read more about it here:

Also, I am damn grateful for the Casio Exilim EX-ZR100's HDR mode for making picture taking so easy so I could eat my food faster after snapping the pics hahah!!

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode takes FIVE images at different exposures in ONE SHOT, and the areas of proper brightness are combined and merged to produce a perfect image close to that of human vision!! :D
AMAZING, isn't it?
That's why I said that I didn't even have to edit the lighting of the pictures at all, nice! :)

Alright, hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and will be inspired to go try some English High Tea after this post ;)
It's nice to let your hair down once in awhile and pamper yourself with a little treat~

Love you all!!


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Hi babe, may i know if any reservation is needed beforehand or can we just walk into the hotel to have high tea? ^^ i feel so tempted to have it now lol! thanks! (^o^)