Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Everyday Superheroes

Today, there was a death in the family.
Not going to mention who, not going to mention how, but it happened.

And before it happened, I heard of statements like "I wish I was a doctor" "I wish I had super powers that could heal" "I wish I could save people"

But you know what?
You DON'T need super powers, you DON'T have to be well educated, you DON'T have to be someone awesome and famous blessed with an insane amount of talent to be a superhero or to save lives.

All of us, each and every one, in every shape and size, are given chances to be a superheroes EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Hawkers can be superheroes too?
Yes they can.
A yummy plate of food ( doesn't have to be gourmet food, let's say $3 Fried Hokkien Mee) may seem so humble, but can instantly lighten up the mood of a pms-ing starving girlfriend and prevent a huge quarrel between the couple.
Have you heard of people who commit suicide cause of major quarrels with their boyfriends/girlfriends?
So by preventing a quarrel, it's not too far fetched to say that you prevent a suicide, is it?

How about musicians/ singers?
A song with a uplifting melody can stop a depressed girl from crying when words can't do the job.
And music inspires people when they lose all hopes in life.
To all you musicians out there, you should be proud of yourselves.
Because you can save a life of someone who is depressed on the other side of the globe through your song even if you don't speak her language. And I'm not just talking about famous singers of course.
I mean every single musician, as long as their songs don't condone suicide and killing others..... :/

In my case, the origin of this blog PXDKITTY and the reason behind the "PXD" is the word pixiedust from this song I'll Try.

Don't ask me how, but it just happened. It made me feel that I should try to keep the faith and not give up on myself cause some magic will eventually happen.
And it did. Things turned for the better. My trauma from an abusive exboyfriend faded away, I found someone awesome (Martin!!), I started this blog PXDKITTY (I had previously deleted my private blog because I wanted to badly to erase my existence completely) and I became so much happier.
And although it's not some amazing feat, and neither is it some great miracle that cause me to be world famous or anything, I am contented enough.

You think only people with super strength can be superheroes?
Check out Nick Vujicic. He was born without limbs.
But he has probably touched many more lives and helped many more people than you and I able-bodied people have ever did or ever will.
Did he have super speed and super strength? I think not.
Can he fly and blast laser out of his eyes? Didn't think so.
But he is definitely a superhero in the eyes of the many he inspired.

You think that because we are common people, not celebrities, my words and your words would never make a difference?
Making someone's day by honestly saying something nice can definitely make an impact.
Let's not think too far.

Think about your parents.
You barge in and out of the house everyday without saying a word to them, treating your homes as a hotel without once considering their feelings.
Even when they're emotionally hurt, feel neglected, are unwell, is exhausted from a day at work, you aren't aware.
But if you would just make the effort to ask them how are they, if they would like a cup of coffee, if they would like to have dinner together etc, your few words can really relief all their pains and put a smile on their faces.


This is what I mean by Everyday Superheroes.
Each and every single one of us can save someone, and it doesn't only have to be in a life threatening situation.
We may not be aware but our actions impact others in a chain reaction.

For example
You, a regular secondary school student, bang into a lady this morning on a crowded 8am train while rushing to school and you refuse to apologize and you glare at her like she deserved it.
She goes to work in an extremely foul mood. But what you didn't know was that that woman was a boss of a huge company and unfortunately her car broke down and couldn't get a cab around her area, which was why she had no choice but to take the train.
At work that day, she threw her tantrums at every single employee.
But what she did not know was that there was this one employee who was a father of a 4 year old kid and he's the sole breadwinner of his family. His family is currently facing a financial crisis and is heavily in debt.
And because the lady was in such a terrible mood, she found faults with everything that male employee did and decided to fire him.
That man left work depressed and decided to drown his sorrows by drinking. He went home drunk.
His 4 year old kid sees her father home and ran to him excitedly, asking for a hug with both arms stretched out.
Being in a terrible mood from being fired at work, vexed by how he's facing worse problems now that he lost his job, and being unable to think clearly in his drunken state, the father hits his 4 year old daughter repeatedly to vent his anger.
Their neighbors witnessed this sight and reports it to the authorities.
The headlines on the papers the next day says "Drunk father abuses 4 year old daughter".

And you, the regular secondary school student, reads the papers and curse the man for being cruel and he deserves to go to hell, not knowing that you were partly the cause of that terrible news happening.


I can't elaborate on every single type of people or every career and how they help others etc but you get my drift.
All of our actions have a rippling effect. What we do and say will definitely affect the next person's moods and actions.

So the main point is that, you don't have to perform miracles and save lives and bring people back from the dead to be a superhero.
Each and every one of us can make a difference in someone else's lives.

Death is a natural part of life and nobody lives forever.
So be a superhero while they're still alive, don't only wish to be one when they're gone. ♥


Anonymous said...

Cheer up babe. XX

Anonymous said...

Nick Vujicic words are so deep that has moved me into tears.thanks for sharing :) i'm gonna grab is book in stores this weekend. god bless you Rachel xxxx

R21Unbreakable said...

This is an excellent blog post. I may not know what happened to you but can I be your "today superhero" by asking you if you're okay now? Please do cheer up soon. Forever supporting PXDkitty! <3

Anonymous said...

thank you for this post..