Saturday, November 19, 2011

(Failed) Wavy Hair Tutorial

hahaha i seem to have a ton of failed tutorials....

Attempting to do a tutorial on curling your hair with a straightener on MY FIRST TRY! LOL

I swear this looked WAY EASIER when others did it...

Don't learn from my tutorial, sorry I fail lol!
But I really tried okay! LOL
Hope you guys will have better luck with it..... T~T


Anonymous said...

Hi, you can't curl with that thick hair. Try to use thin section at a time!

LexieP said...

The method ure using will produce curls. I use this method and it works wonders for me :)
OR, try a triple barrel waving iron (Babyliss/Enrapture)

Jennifer said...

Hi Rachell :)
You might want to also try this method by rosebud143. You can also check out her other videos as well:D

Hope to see more tutorials from you! (:

Optimistic Pessimist said...

HAHAH you very cute leh ^^