Saturday, November 12, 2011

FANCL Survey


Hi cupcakes! ^^

Have you guys heard of this renowned Japanese brand of skincare called FANCL?
Even if you have or haven't, I have something awesome to share with all of you!

FANCL wants to find out more about you!
How? :)
Through this simple survey which consists of only 6 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS!!! :)
Plus, you get to redeem 2 free bottles of FANCL Deluxe TenseUp once you participate in it :)


Even if you haven’t yet tried FANCL, now is the perfect opportunity to do so !!! ^^

+ The deadline of the survey will be on the 18 of November 2011 (Friday), or till they receive 300 respondents! :) So do hurry!!

+ Redeem 2 free bottles of FANCL Deluxe TenseUp, FANCL’s limited to one set of 2 bottles per respondent

+ Survey is open only to readers residing in Singapore

+ Once the survey closes, successful respondents will receive an email with a unique code that is linked in to their Name, IC, and phone number. All respondents will have to show or state this code upon collection.


About FANCL and FANCL Deluxe TenseUp (which survey respondents will receive 2 free bottles of)

FANCL believes in holistic beauty care that includes both inner care (e.g. supplements) and outer care (cosmetic skincare). This Deluxe TenseUp drink is a limited edition version of TenseUp EX, a radiance boosting drink that FANCL counters in Singapore. The benefits are the same, but it comes in a refreshingly zesty citrus flavour! :D
Deluxe TenseUp (Special Retail Price: $43 for 50ml x 10 bottles, Usual price $61.50 for 50ml x 10 bottles) lets you glow with radiant, supple skin from head to toe. It firms, moisturizes and protects skin, while a unique formulation targets sagging, dryness, wrinkles and roughness from within. Deluxe TenseUp promotes firm and radiant skin, and replenishes daily lost collagen and boost collagen synthesis to minimize signs of ageing. Ingredients include a specially formulated HTC Collagen, which has a shorter molecular structure compared to regular collagen that ensures effective absorption into skin, while Apple Polyphenol combats photo-ageing by retaining moisture, preventing DNA damage and the deepening of wrinkles.

How awesome is that!!! :D
I'm definitely going to participate in the survey so that I can try out this product for myself too, so excited!!! :)

So don't wait any longer!
Remember, it's only 6 easy MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS!!! :)
And you get to redeem 2 free bottles of FANCL Deluxe TenseUp once you participate in it, hehe!! ^^


Love you all! :)


Anonymous said...

Some of the advertisements and recommendations you post are only limit to ages 18 or 21 and above. I suggest you state it in your post so that your readers will know beforehand, thanks.

kitty said...

Sorry dearest, I honestly didn't know this has an age limit! Just wanted to share... But you can always use your mummy's name hehe :x

Anonymous said...

Hi babe do you have the links to those cheap sprees
U posted a while back! Those blogshops holding preorders for clothes at around 16-18$? :>

Liyin said...

Im only getting a bottle of FANCL mild cleansing oil (20ml)..