Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fashion Hooks' Sale

Hi sweethearts!!! :)
Have you guys heard about Fashion Hooks' sale at their online shop?
For those you didn't attend their sales event, don't miss out!!
It's ending soooon!!

Items on sale have this pink round price tag to show you how much was discounted from its original price :)
EVERYONE knows that Fashion Hooks sells their items relatively cheaper to other blogshops around so their sales = omfg almost cost price???
Plus they are super efficient in handling their orders and so far I've NEVER heard complaints about them, thumbs up! ^~^

And the material is super comfortable and soft I swear ~~~
And you gotta love the leopard sheer back! :)

Alright, gonna show you some other super chio stuff at cheap prices at Fashion Hooks! :D
This crochet top! Awesome for layering and going to the beach especially ;) Wear a non-white bikini!!!

Oversized top!
Fashion Hooks has this section called Plus Size for girls who HATEEEE looking at all the small tiny clothes online and want to feel comfortable in whatever you wear :)

Do also check out their new arrivals!
This piece with the sequin front is definitely my fave!

Sales are ending soon!
Don't regret if you miss it!! ^~^


Anonymous said...

hi sorry but can i ask about beauti instinct? did you buy all their inhouse products? thanks so muhc

kitty said...

Yep! :) I'll usually buy the products that they recommend to me ^~^

Anonymous said...

Hi just wanna ask if you have any tips for clubbing like what to wear and make up or anyth tt i need to know abt clubbing! Haha sounds noob but ya... i think you'll be of great help!

Anonymous said...

how much did u spend on their products? is it effective? ^-^

kitty said...

All beautiinstinct related posts: :)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much u are pretty and nice god bless