Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hi lovessss :)
There are so many awesome blogshops recently but you must not miss out on this! ^~^
Cause Fizzion has a lot of the designs that I like and the kind I usually talk about on my blog!!! :) woooo!
Quote PXDKITTY for $1 off purchases! :)

First up, ripped knit tops!!! :)
Best part is that it's not the usual dull dark or creamish nude colors.
It's happy and bright! :D
Recently I've taken a liking to all the bright colored clothing's if you haven't already noticed ;)
Partly because they look EXTREMELY good in pictures and it makes me feel LESS OLD hahahah!!

The Maroon one isn't ripped, but super nice still nonetheless :)

Those who can't get enough of chunky necklaces and have been leaving comments asking me for links of them, please check out Fizzion!!! :)
Hope they'll update more of these in future cause I'm a super big fan of chunky necklaces!!! :D

Alright, so let's say you're not into the super long knitted top look, you prefer something more cutesy ^~^
No fret, Fizzion has it too! :)

Can't be bothered to match different colors of apparels by yourself but still want to jump onto the bandwagon of color blocking trend?
This top from Fizzion will do the job for you, easy! ^~^

Quote PXDKITTY for $1 off purchases! :)

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Anonymous said...

Rachell just wanna say keep up the good work <3. I was watching your vids today esp the angelababy one and there were so many haters. I can;'t understand why cuz u are one of the nicest blogger out there. I hope u dun change and still continue to reply us when u're free. don't let a few annoying twerps get u down cuz all ur fans r behind u! : thx for regular updates <333