Friday, November 4, 2011

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[ADD ON: okay apparently I received some comment, someone really took this "i hate you all" thing super seriously.

i said in in a super joking tone, like how close friends would tell each other "i hate u bitch!!!" cause she looks freaking pretty in a particular picture.

or something like this kid, in case you need a real example~~

if i really hated you all, i will re-post the tweet with the location to buy the feather clip below just for you guys, or end off almost every post with "LOVE YOU ALL!!" meh? or maybe the comment was left by a hater ... ]

Check out my super pretty feather hair clipy thing!!! :D

And I bought it only at like $10+???
I saw online selling at $20+ lor, rip off!

And yes, I tweeted this today:

Rachell Tan
Hi little feather! ♥ Remember when no one gave a fuck when I tweeted to them about where I bought you from? :(


Cause sometimes..... really hate you all sia :(
I post nice things on Twitter nobody give an eff. And then after awhile everyone will ask me where I get it from then I become broken recorder and have to keep repeating :(

So here you go!
In case you were one of those people who didn't give an eff about me :'(

[ADD ON: I was joking here too! I'm sure you say "you don't care about me" to your boyfriend / mummy for fun just to get them to dote on you more? :S ]

Rachell Tan
Just bought this super pretty clip on hair feather chain from L'arc en ciel at 313!!! Sooo pretty!


Moral of story.........

Must self promote a bit *ahem*
I always post nice things on my Twitter.
Who knows, i might post something you were desperately looking for at a super low price! ^^


Anonymous said...

I noticed what you wrote for the feather extensions ! I do read ^^

Anonymous said...

uhm, excuse me but sometimes we miss out on your tweets. we don't go on twitter every single minute you know. why'd you say u hate us? ~_~

kitty said...

Anon 1: heheh love you!!! :D appreciate it~~~ <3

Anon 2: aw man :( I was just kidding, read my add on for this post!

Anonymous said...

Ehhhh you won't hate us luhh! You hate us then won't post so many cool things for us, like where to get nice clothes, recipes etc etc. I think sometimes people miss your tweets la, cause if don't go twitter for a while, the older tweets will not be shown unless we specially load it. But love your blog, your tweets and YOU!! <3

Anonymous said...

hello! can i know what brand of contact lens are you wearing and how many mm is it?

i have small eyes like you and i previously bought 14mm contacts from those spree but it hurt when i wore it cause i think my eye's too small haha.

Anonymous said...

actually... you should add "jk" behind. cause we can't hear your tone? (I do get that you were joking though, but some people don't.)

I am not a hater btw, I love your posts and all the good stuffs you share. :-) Cheerios.

Fate said...

I hate you too dear~ D: Hahaha <3