Sunday, November 6, 2011

Food is good!

Today's mood was damn................... meh~ :(

So when I finally met baby, we went around raiding supermarkets to buy food to satisfy my hunger JUST AFTER i had dinner cause I was still feeling moody.
Nice job, greedy bitch.

And guess what, we ended up with plastic bags full of instant microwavable food when we got home cause we were too lazy to slowly prepare anything from scratch.
Awesomeness of having a microwave!
Do you know that I do NOT have a microwave at home? My boyfriend's place has one though that's why i always exploit it whenever i stay over :x

Appetiser: Popcorn
Cause we can't even bear waiting 45 seconds for the food in the microwave #firstworldproblems

Main Course 1: 2 Packets of instant porridge

Main Course 2: of course, instant mac and cheese! ^^

THIS IS FRIGGIN GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wtf. all my years of baking fudge brownies from scratch seems so insignificant with this instant brownie in existance.

Drinks/Dessert: Nata De Coco
Sweet and chewy, i like!! :)

our instant porridge before adding water.
doesn't look appetizing but tastes super like those authentic porridge they sell in markets early in the morning!!! O.O

needless to say, super sinful and satisfying~~

steamy hot porridge!
the duck one is super nice lah!!!

can you believe all you need to add is just about 2 tablespoons of water? :O

And they have this extra sachet of chocolate fudge for you to drizzle over..... AMAZING!

Love instant food so much!!!!!
Now I feel all better~~~
Not the moody bitch I was earlier in the day already ^^

Hope you all have had your fill too!



Anonymous said...

Mind sharing where you got the instant Mac and cheese? Have enquired earlier on :) Tia!

Anonymous said...

Hi dear! May i know where do you buy your instant brownie? How much is it? Omg it looks so awesome!!

WANLIN.K said...

Omg which supermarket you went? Why so awesome one!! I don't know how to bake and I don't have a oven but I have a microwave and I LOVEEEEE brownies!!! That instant brownie is the perfect thing fo me!! Thanks for introducing it~ please tell me which supermarket did you went to?! :D & the Mac & cheese thing looks damn yummy!!

Anonymous said...

This look so goood!! can I know where you bought them from? :)

Anonymous said...

how much are the items :)

Anonymous said...

hi rachell! which supermart did you get your mac n cheese from? it looks so yummy! thank you! ^^

J said...

kinda 'dumb' question, but I was just wondering if you know whether we can heat up microwavable food in baking ovens? I want to bake and microwave food, so does that mean I have to get 2 ovens? :/

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey babe ! where to buy dresses like the one in the prom post 1 (:

Lynn Peiqi ♥ said...


Anonymous said...

which supermarket did you go to to get those stuff? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, where did you get your top in this post from? :)

Anonymous said...

Would appreciate it if you can just share with us where did you got those instant food, since many have asked, thanks

kitty said...

to the last anon comment, you could really have been more polite in your request.

to the rest who asked, i think any 24 hour fair price would have them! :)

kitty said...

nope, microwave oven cannot bake and vice versa :( you need 2 ovens!

kitty said...

regarding the prom post i'll update soon! :) :)

Anonymous said...

hi rachell! may i know what kind of make up you put on when you go to like markets or somewhere near just for a short while, say 1 hour. would you put on all the make up u normally do? :)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your next post :))

Anonymous said...

waa you can eat so much and yet you are still so skinny? whats your height and weight? your are officially my new idol! :D

Catherine said...

hi gal can tel mi wher u bought the mac n cheese?it look very nice wor..