Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting sexy back, back!

Hi cupcakes!
This is gonna be quite a paiseh and sensitive topic for me to post about.... especially as a girl :(
But I wanna post it anyway cause I think some girls really need to know about it! *brave soul*

Anyway, I'm going to post about Bacne (Back Acne).
Bacne is just like pimples that grow on your face, except it's on your back.

And for most people who suffer from acne, there is a high chance that you suffer from bacne at some point in your life too.

With your back filled with red spots, bumps, congested pores and sometimes even pus,
it can be extremely unsightly if you were to wear a tube dress, bare back dress or sometimes even tank tops T~T

But hey, you're not alone.
I suffer from it too *stabs self* (total social suicide here... nvm, for a good cause for a good cause.....)
**but obviously i'm not gonna post pictures of how my back looks cause it'll be superrrr unsightly and i will be naked and people will troll me on twitter LOL!!!

Annyway, mine was SO BAD I wanted to go to the doctor for medication and all. But recently I kinda found some ways to make it better, and they're way cheaper than going to the doctor hahaha

1. Identify the root of the problem & find a solution to it
Where do you get the most bacne?
On your shoulder blades? On your spine area? All over your back? Closer to your neck rather than lower back? Is there a specific pattern to it?

For example, if your bacne is closer to your neck rather than lower back, chances are that you let your long damp hair touch your clothes, causing bacteria to grow cause of the moisture, resulting in bacne.
So you should wrap your hair up in a towel and let it dry / blow dry it properly before letting it touch your neck & back!
In some cases, your brand of conditioner MIGHT be causing your hair to be too oily as well, causing pimples around the neck, back, hairline and forehead!

In my case, the pattern of my bacne was soooo queer. It followed where the STRAPS OF MY BRA touched my skin. Which means my bra is probably the cause of my bacne!
So recently I just went to buy some new bras and threw the old ones away.
And cause I used to sleep with my bra on, I think chances are that those areas are suffocated for long hours, causing the pores to be clogged up, resulting in bacne.
So now I'll either lock my room doors and sleep without my bra on, or i'll wear a really loose fit sports bra and sleep with it!

2. Wear comfortable clothes
I read somewhere that wearing tight fit clothes regularly suffocates your skin and may cause bacne too, not just bras for girls okay!
Especially when you're sleeping. You're gonna be in that teeshirt for a good few hours so at least let your skin breathe a bit. Wear your oversized tees to sleep!
Also, the material of your clothes or bra is really important. Some materials are more "breathable" than others and some clothes make you feel warm and sticky. So you have to know how your body reacts to different materials and which ones you should avoid if you want to prevent or cure your bacne.

3. Using anti-bacterial products
I also read somewhere that acne is caused by oil production and bacteria.
Since our backs probably don't produce as much oil as our faces, it must be somewhat the bacteria that causes bacne?
So I'll recommend using those anti-bacterial shower foams, scrubs to exfoliate your skin and unclog the pores etc!
Like after bathing maybe you can apply the Snake Powder or put Nixoderm on the affected areas on your back.
Unlike your face, the skin on your back is tougher so you don't have to worry that much about drying out your skin with Nixoderm ehehe I usually spam Nixoderm on my bacne spots. Like kill all the germs and shit! ^~^

Anyway this is how Nixoderm looks like. It's friggin awesome and i mentioned it in my loooong ago post before :)

Quoted from my older blog post:

Nixoderm $3 (i think so! it's just damn cheap one!!)
Where to buy: WATSONS or other little shops!
Finally, my favourite baby of all time!
I shared this on twitter and facebook but if you're not following me or you're not my friend then SUCKS FOR YOU!!
This brand existed as far back as when my mum was a kid. My friend on fb said her mum knows of this brand as well.
It's meant for Pimples, Blackheads and even itch! I think cause it's anti-bacterial and most pimples are caused by bacteria that's why Nixoderm is effective.
For me I'll SPAM this on those unripe pimples (especially those with potential to grow really fucking huge and ruin your important dates kind) and on zits that I squeezed out (to prevent bacteria from entering it).
It dries up the huge ass pimples and turns them into scabs and make them fall off easily so you wont have ugly red marks on your face! So you actually do have to SPAM this on the spot where the huge pimple is at.

But you can only use this at night if you don't want any scars!!!
And I don't think you will want any white medication on your face when you go out in the day anyway hahaha!

Btw look at what my friend just posted to me on twitter! :) :)

@ YEAH OMG i sound like stalker :x HAHAHAHA But i swear the nixoderm damn fucking useful!

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So yep!
That's about it!

My bacne has cleared quite a significant bit already!!! Totally happy about it so I just wanted to share :) I mean I still have them, but nothing works overnight okay!!!
Not elixir lor! hahah
Just be patient, bathe regularly and use those 3 advices I mentioned above! It should clear up soon! :)
Hope this helped in GETTING your SEXY BACK, BACK! :D

Whatever it is, don't feel upset, it's not the end of the world and you're not alone, got me okay!!! ^~^



Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm gonna spam lots of Nixoderm tonight^^

Anonymous said...

Will it be alright if i apply it on my face ?

Anonymous said...

OMGOMG! I LOVE YOU MAN! You my savior! Well... maybe my bacne's savior. Anyways, I love the fact that you can talk about anything! Keep it up! =D

Anonymous said...

my bacne is. fucking. killing my self esteem :( :( :( please follow up on this topic please please please!

you are very awesome <3 and sweet and self sacrificial <3 fav blogger ever! HATE MY SKIN face sucks back sucks damn fugly

Anonymous said...

Omg! I thought i'm the only one out of my friends that have! Thank you for sharing! i will go and get it! The bacne seriously kills my confidence and self-esteem. I dare not to wear tube dresses at all! :(

Anonymous said...

aww thanks for the advices love youuu

Anonymous said...

you are really super sweet and courageous enough. Thanks for being so open :*

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for the tips! I guess I wore too much drifit tees to bed and i always let my hair down after washing.. The conditioner is abit oily too T_T .
However, as I got bacne at like 13, 14, i keep scratching, resulting in scars.. :/ any mre tips?

Anonymous said...

Use this T9 body shampoo that removes acne and dirt. My sister says it works well (Shes got bacne too for a period of time)