Friday, November 11, 2011

Giveaway WEEK :)

Hi cupcakes!!!! :)
I know 11/11/11 is over and maybe some of you missed it so right now you think life sucks cause you missed that significant moment.
BUT! it doesn't! :)
Every single minute of your life is unique and there will never be another 12/11/11 or 13/11/11 etc, so don't be too sad if you didn't make a wish okay! ^^

For me, I spent my 11:11 stalking Xiaxue's new blogskin and didn't make a wish hahaha

Anyway this week there'll be LOTS of giveaways!
I mean lots!
And it's not planned but somehow everyone wants to do giveaways this week! :D so it's gonna mean more chances for each of you to win stuff! :)
I'll be sharing more of those giveaways by others I mentioned in my next few posts so do stay tuned!

But for today, it's my turn first! :p
I'm going to giveaway some awesome stuff! ^^

I know contact lens in stocks are hard to come by these days so here are some 0 degree ones! :)
I'll be giving away 5 pairs of lens, so 1 pair per winner! :)

All these are EOS lens, a popular lens brand online from a reliable seller, so no worries ^^
You can google the serial code for the designs at the top of the lens bottle if you're keen to know what it looks like :)

And for girls who like lashes with soft comfortable "bones", there's a set of Diamond Lash I'll be giving away! :)
It's the Diamond Lash Series 2 - No.3 Angel Eye (Upper Lash) which retails at about $19.99

And not forgetting the super pretty Jumily Eyelash 03 Girly false lashes which retails at $21.90 at
Speaking about ShopOnBlog, I ADORE THEM :) :) They are damn efficient and awesome!
Can't find another Japanese cosmetics shop online which mails their items as quick as them! ^^
And it's not just cosmetics for girls who like Japanese gyaru style make up,
you can literally explore any style with their high quality make up! ^^

Finally, I'm giving away a brand new set of CandyDoll Mineral Face Powder selling at $33.90 at ^^
I personally love to use this brand of loose powder to touch up on my make up every time I'm out cause it's so light and doesn't cake up my face! :)
And I currently have 1 brand new spare one for myself just in case the one i'm using finishes hahah #typicalkiasusingaporean

Yep, that's about it for the giveaway's prizes! :)
So in total I'll be choosing 8 winners at random!


Rachell Tan
Winners of please email me your home address at <3 ^~^ thank you everyone who took part in it!!!
Rachell Tan
Winners of : Jumily Lashes: , Diamond Lash: , Candydoll Powder:

+++++How to join the giveaway?+++++

1. Tweet the name of the item you hope to win (or you can say "I hope i win something" if you can't decide)
2. Include @pxdkitty in the tweet (you don't even have to follow me on Twitter ^^)
p.s. sorry if i don't reply for the giveaway tweets but rest assured i will read all of them
3. Include #pxdkittygiveaway so that I can view the entire list of people who are tweeting easily and choose the winners even if your account is private
4. Wait for the results on 13th November 2011, 11.59PM! :) I will announce it on Twitter with the hashtag ^^
5. This contest is open to all, not just limited to Singaporeans ^^

**you CAN tweet more than once to discourage other people from joining the giveaway so you stand a higher chance of winning if you want hahah ^^

For example:

Rachell Tan

I want a pair of EOS lens from

Love you all! :)
Have a great weekend ahead!!! ^^


♥ speishi said...

OMG! <3

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog, I went down to Watson to take a look for myself. I realize that, the contain is in a cute size. Suitable for girls that don't need a lot of make up and you can just drop inside your make-up bag and you are on your go. Doesn't need a lot of space in your bag.