Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hi dears!
Most of us are ALWAYS tweeting, helping people retweet stuff, sharing links on Facebook for free etc but we ALWAYS DO IT FOR FREE :(

What if we could ACTUALLY EARN MONEY while tweeting?
I know you guys have heard about websites that ask you to share links but it always doesn't give you money unless people actually CLICK on the link or register for the website etc.

It doesn't even require you to force people to click on the links etc! Awesome!!!

Before I show you how I signed up for it, watch this video to get a general idea of what this is about:)

So when you first enter the http://gushcloud.com/ website, this is what you will see.
You can log in with either Facebook or Twitter. For me I clicked log into Twitter first.
Don't worry, you can merge both your Twitter & Facebook together later on!

Next, click on Sign In!

And here's my page!
So pathetic at first lol!
But wait la, I just started!!!
I have $0.00 in my wallet (see the top right corner cloud) so I need to do some tasks to earn $$ later!
You can draw out the money once you have reached GC$20.00!~~~ yay$$$

This is my Gusher Profile and I want to link up my Facebook and blog so that I can get Facebook tasks (paid for sharing things on my Facebook wall) plus I can get blogging tasks (PAID TO BLOG OMG!!) :D

And if you chance upon this which asks you if you'd like to merge your Facebook and Twitter account, click on YES :) So it'll be waaaay easier to handle your tasks.

So because I want to earn money right, under the category Gush Clouds, I see this task which is share the Gushcloud video and get $0.44!
All I have to do is click POST and immediately i get $0.44! GOOD DEAL RIGHT?

You don't even need to force people to watch the video in order to get the $$!
Like I said above, AS LONG AS YOU GUSH, YOU GET CASH!!! :)

Okay so now you're bored, done all the tasks, gotten all the money from the tasks..

Do you have a blogshop? Want to establish your blogshop name more?
Do you have a blog? Want to gain a lot more readers?
Do you have a tumblr account? Want to be tumblr famous?
Do you have a band? Want more people to know about you?
Do you want a super cute and hot boyfriend? Want people to introduce cute guys to you? :p okay i'm kidding about this....~

click on Create Gush Cloud and start a task for other gushers to tweet / share about! :)
Would you like your website to be shared on other people's Twitter, Facebook, on blogs or done in survey format?

For example if you want people with blogs like me to blog about your blogshop but you don't want to pay a lot of money for advertorials,
you can create a blogging task on and include a collage of your new collection and pay them a small amount of money to get them to blog for you :)

Or you can get people to post a tweet to spread your link, or ask them to follow your personal / your band / your blogshop's Twitter account!

For example, I want more people to read my blog so I created a Gush Cloud for people to post a tweet about MY BLOG (HAHAH BHB!!) saying "I ♥ http://pxdkitty.blogspot.com/! You should read it too! :)"

That way, when their friends on twitter see this tweet, they will click on my blog and read it too! :D

And of course I will set the amount of money to pay the people who tweet and shoutout for me! :)
So I get readers, you get $$ for sharing my website!
And your friends will NOT be forced to click on any links in order for you to get paid, cause AS LONG AS YOU GUSH, YOU GET CASH!!! :)

Unless you're really tight on budget and decide to Rely on Kindness (there is an option, means no need to pay) but I kindaaaa hardly doubt I would share that la personally :x Just saying.....

Do note that people with less than 50 Facebook friends and less than 20 followers on Twitter cannot gush.
This is to prevent any cases of scam whereby people make fake new accounts to cheat advertisers' $$~

So anyway, as a blogshop owner etc, you can Find People whom you want to tweet or blog for you, depending on your target audience :)
So you can be assured that you are reaching out to your ideal audiences by advertising on Gushcloud :)
Best part? No middle man fee! OMG AWESOME RIGHT???

If I'm a blogshop owner selling fashionable girl clothes, I can choose let's say:
Age 14-30
Gushscore 16 to 100 (depending on how popular you want those Gushers to be. But if you want popular gushers to tweet for you make sure your incentive is a bit better~ ^~^)
Singapore (like if your blogshop is local and don't ship overseas, overseas people tweet for you waste your money!! haha choose properly okay!!)
No additional tags (unless you SPECIFICALLY want people who are interested in Pets if your blogshop sells pet stuff or you want people who are extremely into Vintage fashion etc, otherwise leaving it blank is fine)

And tadah!
The entire list of people on Gushcloud who fit your criteria will appear and you can select all of them to invite to do your task and share your blogshop link!
(or you can remove one or two who have really kiam pa face or you see already not happy etc lol)

And once they all do your task, you can be prepared to get a whole lot more ORDER$$$, HIT$$, FAN$$ etc!

And you won't have to feel bad cause these people who share it for you get paid by you too! :)


And as a personal user, if you want more people to find you on the list, you can add or edit tags to your profile.
Like add stuff you're interested in like:
tumblr fashion
japanese make up

So that if any Japanese make up brand or fashion websites or restaurants needs bloggers or tweeters, you're more likely to get to blog or tweet about something that you like! :D

So yes, this is my current Gushscore.
The more you gush the better you get.
What's yours? :)

And if you want to be the first to be notified about new tasks that are available on Gushcloud, do add them up on their Facebook page or their Twitter account!
All the latest tasks are updated there for easy reference in case you forget to check back on http://gushcloud.com/ and miss some awesome tasks, hehe! :)

Happy Gushing!!! ^~^


Anonymous said...

What if we don't have ibanking or paypal? cause some teenagers 14 years old dont have.. do reply asap! thanks! :)

kitty said...

They can pay you by Cheque dear! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Can I know how lOng have you joined the website and how much have you earned? Thanks!

kitty said...

I just joined it! :D

But my friend @BenVoda earned $3.90 OVERNIGHT! Lol, like during his online time at night, cooool~ ^~^

CuteBun said...

I joined! ^^ But the task is mostly for Singaporeans.. hmm

Cutebun FB

Anonymous said...

oh so they give the cheque to us face to face or something? ._.

kitty said...

i think they'll mail it to you :)

i hope they go international soon then you'll get more international tasks! :) :)

Anonymous said...

So they will mail us the cheaque? Is it comfirm? Hah, i don't have ibanking and paypal,